CWT Community Guidelines

The culture of CWT Community can be captured in a few quick things

Our CWT Community Culture

  • Say hello and introduce yourself.  Help make each other feel welcome whenever you can. Introduce yourself to newer members. Easily use the introduction prompt in your profile to say hello.
  • Join in.  Add and share your stories, experiences, and ideas with others. Stuck on what to share?  Here are some ideas to start...thoughts on podcast episodes, trades you're holding, setups you're watching, interesting research, ask for help/give help, and anything else which may be beneficial.
  • We're in this together.  Trading is hard enough and can be a lonely journey but being here can help change some of that. So, let's be kind, respectful, and assume good intentions. Give each other space and grace. Maintaining a great and positive attitude can make all the difference.
  • Don’t promote. The one ask we have in addition to being generally cool is don’t promote. Don’t spam members. Don’t promote your program or offer. It’s a slippery slope, so we start with nope. (Note: There are separate guidelines for approved collaborators and partners).