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Chat With Traders – a weekly podcast interviewing profitable traders; sharing their experiences of failure and success, their strategies for beating the market, and most-valuable lessons to benefit others.

The podcast was started by Aaron Fifield (a student of the market) mid January ’15. It’s since amassed a cult-like following and has been downloaded more than 4,000,000+ times.

Traders from over 50+ countries regularly listen to the podcast, on-demand through these major platforms:

A constant stream of high-caliber guests.

One of the reasons so many listeners regard Chat With Traders as their favourite trading podcast, is due to the quality of influential guests, who share real market experience.

Here are six names that may ring a bell, or to see a full list of past guests click here.

Jack Schwager

Author of Market Wizards.

Howard Lindzon

Co-Founder of StockTwits.

Mike Bellafiore

Co-Founder of SMB Capital.

Peter Brandt

Legendary trader of 45+ years.

Linda Raschke

Trader & hedge fund veteran.

Haim Bodek

High profile HFT whistle-blower.

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Some of the finer details…

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To expose developing traders to the realities of actively participating in financial markets. To show them what’s possible, what’s necessary to succeed, and how to become better traders – by getting insight directly from proven traders.