You can only improve what you can measure. Use Edgewonk.

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Forget clunky Excel spreadsheets.

Edgewonk is the crème de la crème of trading journals—a tool to help you find your edge. Feed your trades into Edgewonk and you’ll clearly see what things you should do more (and less!)

Edgewonk features help you to:
  • Better time entries and better set exit/profit targets
  • Analyze optimal hold times and trade setups
  • Increase discipline to avoid unnecessary mistakes
  • Simulate potential outcomes and adjustments
  • Efficiently organize chart screenshots and notes
  • And many more

“It’s vital to have a trading journal. I think they [Edgewonk] are doing incredible things in the field of journaling. I wish that it had been around when I started out. I probably would have gotten profitable a hell of a lot quicker.” – Tom Dante, on Episode 039

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And if you choose to buy, enter coupon code “TRADERS” to save $20.

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You should know, Chat With Traders has an affiliate arrangement with Edgewonk. This means, we get a kickback if you choose to purchase an Edgewonk product using the coupon code “TRADERS”. However the price is never inflated in order for us to be compensated—you actually save! It also means, we think Edgewonk have developed an awesome tool for traders.