Tessa Dao

I have been through the ups and downs in my own trading journey, no different than many of you.

As a long-time listener of the show, I have always felt hopeful, inspired, and motivated as I learn from the variety of great guests on the show to help keep me in the game. If you missed host and founder of Chat With Traders, Aaron Fifield’s departure announcement, here it is on episode 238 back in July 2022. You can also learn a little more about me on that episode.

This show continues to help bring the trading community together, and I am honored to be your co-host. I’ve been co-hosting with Aaron for a few episodes and excited to help take CWT into the next chapter!

Aaron Fifield

It was around 2012 when I first got interested in trading, but really began ramping up my efforts in 2015 when CWT kicked off.

Through the podcast I have conversations with traders and market participants at varying levels of success—from billionaires to whistle-blowers to retail grinders. These conversations revolve around individual backstories, experiences, observations, strategies, lessons, struggles and victories.

For a summary of the lessons I’ve learned from interviewing many traders, listen to my talk: 6 Ways to Emulate Talented Traders