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281: Marsten Parker
281: The Purely Systematic Wizard Trader | Marsten Parker
280: Steve Hanke
280: Decoding the Drivers of Inflation and Markets | Steve Hanke
279: Saad Filali
279: Front-Running News Flow Trading | Saad Filali
278: Ben Greenfield
278: Elevate Your Mental Game with Better Brain Power | Ben Greenfield
277: Garrett Drinon
277: Musician Turned Trader Trains Algos to Find Unicorns | Garrett Drinon
276: Will Gogolak
276: Contextualization Within a Framework of Conditional Probabilities | Will Gogolak
275: William Lam
275: The Best Operating System for Elite Performance: Our Minds | William Lam
274: Gary Norden
274: Keeping the Lost Art of Order Flow Trading Alive | Gary Norden
273: James Fishback
273: THIS TIME It’s Different…or Is It? | James Fishback
End of 2023 Special Message
Chat With Traders End of 2023 Message | Ian Cox and Tessa Dao
272: Erik Smolinski
Marine Corps Discipline Crushes the Markets | Erik Smolinski
271: Tom Basso
The Sweet Balance Between Risk and Reward | Tom Basso
270: What Keeps You in the Game of Trading?
Listeners and traders from around the world share their voices | Ian and Tessa
269: Rob Hanna
Reducing Anxiety and Drawdowns through Quantifiable Edges | Rob Hanna
268: Bryan Holdford
Is Loss Control All It Takes to Become Consistent? | Bryan Holdford
267: Dan McDermitt
An Edge with Correlations Across Time Frames | Dan McDermitt
266: Mark Bennell
Mind Your Business: Be Like An Employee | Mark Bennell
265: Peter Stolcers
Taking a Top-Down Approach to Day Trading | Peter Stolcers
264: Gabriel Bullo
Contest Winner: One Trader’s Unwavering Dedication | Gabriel Bullo
263: Andres Granger
Making it in South Korea & Exploiting Market Inefficiencies in Crypto | Andres Granger
262: Henrik Johansson and Patrick Petersson
Recap: Beginner Trader to Funded Trader in 60 Days | Henrik Johansson & Patrick Petersson
261: Shay a.k.a. Humbled Trader
Lamborghini Money Quest Teaches Valuable Lessons | Humbled Trader
260: Patrick Petersson
Breathing In, Breathing Out Intuitive Hits on the Markets | Patrick Petersson
259: Lukas Frohlich
Executing Agenda Trading Strategy for Stratospheric Returns | Lukas Frohlich (The Short Bear)
258: Alexander Moreno
Snowballing Losses and the Courage to Come Clean, Heal & Rebuild | Alexander Moreno
257: David Capablanca
Crafting the Art of Shorting Scams | David Capablanca
256: Louisa Nicola
Supercharging the Brain and Body with Peak Performance Habits | Louisa Nicola
255: Vincent Bruzzese
From Working in Hollywood to Burning the Gambler’s Mindset | Vincent Bruzzese (aka Hari Seldon)
254: Christian Carreon
Kidney Disease, Poverty, and Jail Time to Going All In On the Markets | Christian Carreon
253: Patrick Boyle
Lessons from Financial History and False Expectations in the Markets | Patrick Boyle
252: Yvan Byeajee
From Emotional Turbulence to Trading with Composure | Yvan Byeajee
251: Kasper Vandeloock
High School Dropout Turned Quant Trader, Entrepreneur (Pre & Post FTX Collapse) | Kasper Vandeloock
250: Sunny Harris
Methodical Day Trader Thrives through 4 Market Crashes, Still Going Strong | Sunny Harris
249: Jack Kellogg
Valet Driver Turns $20k into $11mil over 6 years after Wipe Out | Jack Kellogg
248: David Sun
Systematic Options Trading – Minimize Risk, Optimize Edge | David Sun
247: Djamal Adib
Stop Loss Hunting and Dancing with the Smart Money in Forex Trading | Djamal Adib
246: Uri Klarman
Thought Provoking Opportunities in DeFi with Crypto Tech Wizard | Uri Klarman
245: Jason Shapiro
The Mind of a Tape Reading Contrarian Trader w/ Jason Shapiro
244: Ian Cox
From Stocks to Options to Crypto – New Host Joins CWT – Ian Cox
243: Moritz Seibert
Extreme Edge: Exploiting a Structural Inefficiency w/ Moritz Seibert
242: Kris Sidial
Volatility Shocks: Positioning for Convex Payouts w/ Kris Sidial
241: Jimmy Jude
The Rough ‘n Tumble Life of a Merc Jerk w/ Jimmy Jude
240: John Carter
MORE Aggressive Trading, MORE Million-Dollar Wins w/ John Carter
239: Nicholas Bradburn
My First Year Trading Full-Time: Nicholas Bradburn
238: PSA
Public Service Announcement
237: Mary Childs
Biggest ‘n Baddest, Billionaire Bond Trader: Bill Gross w/ Mary Childs
236: Lance Breitstein
The Ultimate Day Trader, Pt. 3 — Lance Breitstein
235: Chris Cady
A Lifetime Student of Markets — Chris Cady
234: Domer
The Information Edge: Winning in Prediction Markets w/ Domer
233: Kenny Sharkness
Blowout Loss Creates a Cold-Blooded Killer w/ Kenny Sharkness
232: Nishant Porbanderwalla
Trade Recap: Manic Meme-Stock, Profound Profit w/ Nishant Porbanderwalla
231: James Chen
Obscure Edges, Outsized Alpha — James Chen
230: Oliver Chalk
ETH Mining Experiment; Gateway to Full-Scale BTC Basis Trading w/ Oliver Chalk
229: Lance Breitstein
The Ultimate Day Trader, Pt. 2 — Lance Breitstein
228: Lance Breitstein
The Ultimate Day Trader, Pt. 1 — Lance Breitstein
227: Chase Galbraith
Trade Recap: Swing the Rumor, Sell the News w/ Chase Galbraith
225: Kyle Schultz
The Art and Science of Algorithmic Futures Trading w/ Kyle Schultz
224: Day Trading
Best of Day Trading, Pt. 2
223: Day Trading
Best of Day Trading, Pt. 1
222: Luke Cummings
Mergers & Acquisitions: The Ultimate Game of Poker w/ Luke Cummings
221: Matthew Dibb
Crypto Fund Takes Flight on Thematic Trading w/ Matthew Dibb
220: Erik Swanson
Meet the Market Makers on the Other Side of Your Trade w/ Erik Swanson
219: Edwin Dorsey
Critical Reporting—A Good Guy Flagging Bad Companies w/ Edwin Dorsey
218: Shaun Factor
The Ways of a Small Cap Whale w/ Shaun Factor
217: Jared Tendler
Practical Solutions to Strengthen Your Mental Game w/ Jared Tendler
216: Jim Mellon
Becoming an Opportunistic, Billionaire Investor w/ Jim Mellon
215: William Beauchamp
Ex-Poker Player Assembles Team to Conquer Sports Markets w/ William Beauchamp
214: James King
The Principles that Drive Elite Performance w/ James King
213: John Roberson
An Obsession with Edge, Powered by Automation w/ John Roberson
212: Kristjan Kullamägi
Breakouts, Home Runs & Exponential Returns w/ Kristjan Kullamägi
211: Stan Gluzman
One Bias, One Objective: Make Money w/ Stan Gluzman
210: Ryan Hasson
Scalp, Scalp, Swing—Maximizing Market Opportunities w/ Ryan Hasson
209: Neeraj Monga
Contrarian Stances on Fundamental Inflection Points w/ Neeraj Monga
208: Brannigan Barrett
Adopting Systems to Improve Decision Making and Trade Results w/ Brannigan Barrett
207: Rishi Narang
Evolving Trends—How Quants Are Earning Alpha w/ Rishi Narang
206: Dan David
The Investigative Research of an Activist Short Seller w/ Dan David
205: Michael Katz
Day Trading—The Questions You Want Answered w/ Michael Katz
204: Brian Lee
Esports Pro Attains High Score Playing the Stock Market — Brian Lee
203: Bob Bright
The Pursuit of Edge w/ Bob Bright
202: Wayne Himelsein
Betting Against Stability w/ Wayne Himelsein
201: Hayden Beamish
The Legwork, Execution and Management of Institutional Investments w/ Hayden Beamish
200: Trading Psychology
Best of Trading Psychology, Pt. 2
199: Trading Psychology
Best of Trading Psychology, Pt. 1
198: Christina Qi
Dorm Room Start-Up Defies Odds, Rises as Large-Scale Quant Fund w/ Christina Qi
197: Haim Ben Ami
Accelerating High-Speed Traders to Higher Speeds w/ Haim Ben Ami
196: Ryan Trost
My First Year Trading Full-Time: Prop Trader, Ryan Trost
195: Ilan Israelstam
The Inner Workings of an ETF Manager w/ Ilan Israelstam
194: Liam Vaughan
Bedroom Trader Amasses Fortune, Becomes Prime Suspect of Flash Crash w/ Liam Vaughan
193: Greg Newman
Dynamics and themes impacting the global oil market w/ Greg Newman
192: Kevin Muir
‘Whatever it Takes’—How Reserve Banks React to Economic Pressure w/ Kevin Muir
191: Nishant Porbanderwalla
Extreme Volatility—Trading Markets During a Global Pandemic w/ Nishant Porbanerwalla
190: Christian Castillo
My First Year Trading Full-Time: Forex Forecaster, Christian Castillo
189: Risk Management
Best of Risk Management, Pt. 2
188: Risk Management
Best of Risk Management, Pt. 1
187: Josh Evans
My First Year Trading Full-Time: Stock Scalper, Josh Evans
186: Sudhu Arumugam
Advancing crypto ecosystem—post two decades of institutional trading w/ Sudhu Arumugam
185: Jaime Rogozinski
The reckless abandon of WallStreetBets—where brazen risk-taking runs rampant w/ Jaime Rogozinski
184: Mike Mangieri
Behind the scenes of an equities day trading firm w/ Mike Mangieri
183: Gregory Zuckerman
Jim Simons—the pinnacle of trading greatness w/ Gregory Zuckerman
182: Nico, @InefficientMrkt
An eight year overnight success story; three years later w/ Nico
181: Robert Greifeld
Crisis Averted: Saving Nasdaq from a path of ruin w/ Robert Greifeld
180: Larry Hite
Reflection on markets and life—with a man who’s had vast financial success; Larry Hite
179: Mike Komaransky
Going all in—the fixed income trader early to Bitcoin; Mike Komaransky
178: Nick Radge
The Blueprint: Create a simple trend following system w/ Nick Radge
177: Sam Bankman-Fried
Leaving Wall Street, entering crypto chaos w/ Sam Bankman-Fried
176: Alex, @TAGRtrades
Can the family breadwinner become a full-time trader? — Alex, @TAGRtrades
175: Jonathan Shapiro
Investigating, exposing the crafty schemes of public companies w/ Jonathan Shapiro
174: Nishant Porbanderwalla
Opportunity meets experience—defining moments of one traders’ career w/ Nishant Porbanderwalla
173: Michael Katz
Riding price action—a complete breakdown of the Lyft IPO w/ Michael Katz
172: Anthony Riley
Clawing back a six-figure loss w/ Anthony Riley
171: Stan Gluzman
Raid the “money box” w/ Stan Gluzman, @ciocanatrader
170: Joshua Greenwald
The technology edge—how a team of options market makers found success in Asia w/ Joshua Greenwald
169: Jack Ma
Strategies die, skills survive w/ Jack Ma
168: Anand “Lucci” Sanghvi
Stay alive, wait for your market, then all guns blazing w/ @SangLucci
167: Bobby Cho
Crypto’s not dead—and never assume anything w/ Bobby Cho
166: Hugo Bowne-Anderson
The trader’s guide for learning to code—with data scientist, Hugo Bowne-Anderson
165: Michael Samuels
Speculating on mergers—and a case of “excessive” due diligence w/ Michael Samuels
164: Nick Fabrio
How to scalp ASX stocks and make a pretty penny w/ Nick Fabrio, @longhorncapital
163: John “Rambo” Moulton
An evening with veteran trader, John “Rambo” Moulton [LIVE]
162: Mike Bellafiore
The formula for how to become a 7-figure day trader w/ Mike Bellafiore
161: Mike Agne
When there’s blood in the water, the sharks will come w/ Mike Agne
160: Kimberly Trautmann
Why trading powerhouse, DRW, is directing profits into venture capital w/ Kimberly Trautmann
159: Greg Newman
Bringing stoicism to trading—and market making in oil derivatives w/ Greg Newman
158: Phil, @OzarkTrades
Short hype stocks, long farmland w/ Phil Goedeker
157: Alex, @TAGRtrades
What this day trader learned after returning 1400% in one year – Alex, @TAGRtrades
156: Michael Katz
Day trader, green every month, talks consistency, strategy and doing size—Michael Katz
155: Anthony Saliba
The trader’s guide to building generational wealth w/ Anthony Saliba
154: Andreas Koukorinis
When a quant trader enters the world of sports betting… w/ Andreas Koukorinis
153: Xiao Qiao
Research analyst shares practical ways to do better research – Xiao Qiao
152: Kory Hoang
A beginner’s foray into (part-time) systematic trading w/ Kory Hoang
151: Rick Lane
Perspective from a trading technologist—attacking unique problems w/ Rick Lane
150: Aaron Brown
A lesson in risk taking—with the former risk manager of a $200B fund, Aaron Brown, Pt. 2
149: Aaron Brown
A lesson in risk taking—with the former risk manager of a $200B fund, Aaron Brown, Pt. 1
148: John Grady
The order book—what traders must know about supply and demand w/ John Grady
147: Dr Thomas Starke
Detective work leading to viable trading strategies, and the rise of AI
146: Blackpier Capital
When trading becomes a team sport—with Ryan Moffett, Tyler Michalove & Wayne Klump
145: Aaron Fifield
Six ways to emulate talented traders w/ Aaron Fifield
144: Tim Steenstrup
Learn an arbitrage strategy used by professional stock traders w/ Tim Steenstrup
143: Michael Kimelman
Convicted of insider trading—from suburban life to prison life w/ Michael Kimelman
142: Bert Mouler
Using creative thought and automation to bypass human flaws w/ Bert Mouler
141: Erik Townsend
Software millionaire fooled by ‘the dream’ and saved by global macro w/ Erik Townsend
140: Jimmy Soni
The life and times of genius problem solver, Claude Shannon w/ Jimmy Soni
139: Bobby Cho
Making way for the ‘whales’ of cryptocurrency markets w/ Bobby Cho, Cumberland Mining
138: Kevin Muir
In Search of the Next Great Trade—with The Macro Tourist, Kevin Muir
137: Dr. William Ziemba
The horse bettor exploiting anomalies in financial markets – Dr. William Ziemba
136: Mike Agne
Take care of the short term; take care of the long term w/ Mike Agne
135: Sheelah Kolhatkar
How mastermind trader, Steven Cohen, bent rules and made billions w/ Sheelah Kolhatkar
Bitcoin—the magic internet money you can no longer ignore w/ BTCVIX
133: James King
Using sports science to stack probability in favor of trading success w/ James King
132: Mark Gardner
Still adapting after 80,000+ hours of screen time w/ Mark Gardner
131: Morgan Slade
Strategy development—powered by machine learning w/ Morgan Slade
130: Ben Mallah
How to own 100’s of millions of dollars of real estate w/ Ben Mallah
129: Victor Haghani
Optimal bet sizing—lessons from a biased coin flip experiment w/ Victor Haghani
128: Andy Kershner
Risk tolerance, daily habits and trade critiques w/ Andy Kershner
127: Nell Sloane
Becoming a CTA—how to begin managing money w/ Nell Sloane
126: Removed
125: Matthew Hoyle
Getting hired—who trading firms and hedge funds are seeking out w/ Matthew Hoyle
124: Max, @Madazfootballr
When chasing a quick buck becomes making a quick buck w/ Max, @Madaznfootballr
123: Darren Reed
Grit, hustle, intent—and environment w/ Darren Reed, @LiftTheOffer
122: Doug Cifu
Virtu. Hitting singles all day long—on a global scale w/ Doug Cifu
121: Michael Mauboussin
Tactics for better decision making, and skill versus luck w/ Michael Mauboussin
120: Mebane Faber
A crash course in long-term investing—for short-term traders w/ Mebane Faber
119: Alex, @TAGRtrades
What this day trader learned after four years of abandoning a secure job – Alex, @TAGRtrades
118: Manoj Narang
Trading technology, alternative data, and originality w/ Manoj Narang
117: Larry Alintoff
Traders’ opportunity—when things that “should” happen, don’t happen w/ Larry Alintoff
116: Sean Hendelman
Taking losses, ultimately winning, and keeping pace with markets – Sean Hendelman
115: Adam Grimes
What hand traders can learn from system traders, and vice versa w/ Adam Grimes
114: Brannigan Barrett
The process of becoming a bigger (and better) trader w/ Brannigan Barrett
113: Benjamin Small
Normalizing Bitcoin, and exploring the cryptocurrency ecosystem w/ Benjamin Small
112: Jorge Soltero
Reminiscences of a trader at Hull Trading Co.—and a sell-side career w/ Jorge Soltero
111: David Bush
Strategy objectives, statistical significance, and market behavior w/ David Bush
110: George, @RollyTrader
Learning to trade, momentum setups, and becoming a venture capitalist – George, @RollyTrader
109: Edward Thorp
The man who beat the dealer, and later, beat the market – Edward Thorp
Q6: Delaney Mackenzie
Your Quantitative Trading Questions Answered w/ Delaney Mackenzie
108: John Netto
Being a versatile and adaptable trader, while testing your comfort zone w/ John Netto
107: Anthony Saliba
A 40-year trading career fueled by necessity—the mother of invention w/ Anthony Saliba
106: Turney Duff
A Wall Street trader’s tale of spectacular excess w/ Turney Duff
105: Brendan Poots
How a former punter pioneered a premier sports betting hedge fund – Brendan Poots
104: Alex, @AT09_Trader
An appetite for risk, and hitting hard when opportunity arises – Alex, @AT09_Trader
Q5: Max Margenot
Good (and Not So Good) Uses of Machine Learning in Finance w/ Max Margenot & Delaney Mackenzie
103: Dave Bergstrom
Escaping randomness, and turning to data for an edge w/ Dave Bergstrom
Q4: Scott Sanderson
Portfolio Optimization – Risk Preferences In, Trades Out w/ Scott Sanderson & Delaney Mackenzie
102: Eugene Soltes
Unraveling a $65-billion Ponzi scheme and notorious cases of insider trading w. Eugene Soltes
Q3: Jonathan Larkin
Seeking Alpha? Try MORE Alpha Factors w/ Jonathan Larkin & Delaney Mackenzie
101: Siam Kidd
Latching onto trends, strategic business moves, and breaking the norm w/ Siam Kidd
Q2: Jessica Stauth
Seeking Alpha? Try Alpha Factors w/ Jessica Stauth & Delaney Mackenzie
100: Bao, @Modern_Rock
Overcome adversity, dominate a niche, become ‘the house’ – Bao, @Modern_Rock
Q1: Delaney Mackenzie
You don’t know how wrong you are w/ Delaney Mackenzie
099: Brynne Kelly
What happens on a merchant trading desk—with energy veteran, Brynne Kelly
098: Peter To
How successful day trading can fly in the face of conventional wisdom—ex-prop trader, Peter To
097: Derek Wong
How to think about strategies like a quant and diversify like a boss w/ Derek Wong
096: Nico, @InefficientMrkt
An eight year overnight success story, and a thirst for momentum w/ Nico
095: Adrian, @AdeyF69
Why it pays to be relentlessly process driven, and when stats count w/ Adrian
094: Kenny Glick
Shady tales from a real-life Boiler Room, and things profitable traders do w/ Kenny Glick
093: Ben, @BLB_Capital
What an order flow fanatic adapted from one of the “big boys”—Ben, @BLB_Capital
092: Dario Mofardin
Observing the whole board, building a body of evidence, swinging at fat pitches w/ Dario Mofardin
091: Craig Scott
Trading fundamentals, sentiment and events, and why conviction matters w/ Craig Scott
090: Michael Halls-Moore
This quants’ approach to designing algo strategies—Michael Halls-Moore
089: Blake Morrow
From ramen noodles to a lucrative career trading Forex markets w/ Blake Morrow
088: Dave Lauer
A former-high frequency trader talks speed, market structure, and dark pools—Dave Lauer
087: Tom Sosnoff
Tom Sosnoff speaks on life experiences, trading options, and reaching your potential
086: Jared Tendler
What traders can learn about mental game, from world champion poker coach—Jared Tendler
085: Blair Hull
Know your edge, exploit your edge—survive the game w/ Blair Hull
084: Yves Hilpisch
Quantitative finance and programming trading strategies w/ Yves Hilpisch, The Python Quants
083: Ryan Moffett
Getting mentors, starting a fund, and deliberate practice w/ Ryan Moffett of Blackpier Capital
082: Futures Trader 71
How to become the trader you wish you were w/ Futures Trader 71
081: Alan Farley
Breaking down breakouts and dynamics of price movement—master swing trader, Alan Farley
080: Anthony Crudele
One traders volatile path from (below) zero to hero, and beyond w/ Anthony Crudele
079: Raoul Pal
The biggest financial experiment the world has ever seen—global macro investor, Raoul Pal
078: Jack Schwager
The making of Market Wizards, and wisdom from elite traders w/ Jack Schwager
077: Dennis Dick
How to be a profitable short-term trader in a high frequency world w/ Dennis Dick
076: Saul Knapp
Insight from a former-risk manager of 120+ prop traders, and spread trading w/ Saul Knapp
075: Dan Aisen
The mechanics of a dark pool, and a quest to make markets “fair” w/ Dan Aisen from IEX
074: John Walsh
Pocketing £100k from a trading comp, and making simplicity a priority w/ John Walsh aka Black Cabbie Trader
073: Charlie Bathgate
What to emulate from pro traders, humility, psychology and biohacking w/ Charlie Bathgate
072: Rob, @DiscoveryTrader
Why risk management is king, and why “gambling” isn’t such a dirty word w/ Rob from Discovery Trading Group
071: Eric Hunsader
Rigged markets, stealing, and corrupt regulators w/ Eric Hunsader of Nanex
070: Jeff Davis
Specializing, automating, and using stats for high probability trade setups w/ Jeff Davis
069: John Carter
How an aggressive trader thinks, uses options, and made $1.4M on a single TSLA trade – John Carter
068: Mikael Syding
From “schoolyard hippie” to European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade (to AI enthusiast) – Mikael Syding
067: Jerry Parker
The Turtle Traders story, following major trends, and managing investors money w/ Jerry Parker
066: Dan Shapiro
Blocking excess noise, establishing your process and getting screen time w/ Dan Shapiro
065: Brett Steenbarger
How to master trading psychology, and introduce new best practises w/ Brett Steenbarger
064: Nick Radge
The casino edge, mean reversion strategies, and how to develop robust trading systems w/ Nick Radge
063: Nicola Duke
Strong determination, preserving mental capital, and professionally trading futures w/ Nicola Duke
062: Tracy (@ChiGrl)
Pairing technicals & fundamentals, and the life of a hardcore crude oil trader w/ Tracy
061: Ari Pine
A scientific trading perspective, process over outcome, and the law of large numbers w/ Ari Pine
060: Peter Tuchman
30 years on the NYSE; a lesson in history with Wall St’s Most Photographed Man, Peter Tuchman
059: Daniel Goldberg
Being alert to market conditions, and trading within a prop firm w/ Dan Goldberg of Futex
058: Paul Singh
Planning and preparation; failing to plan is planning to fail w/ Paul Singh
057: Jesse, @PsychoOnWallSt
$500k of “beginner’s luck” and how to thrive as a part-time trader w/ Jesse
056: Matt Zimberg
The makeup of successful traders & observations from a veteran broker w/ Matt Zimberg of Optimus Futures
055: Nathan Michaud
Trading momo stocks, and scaling up for larger gains w/ Nathan Michaud of Investors Live
054: Rishi Narang
Components of a black box, humans versus computers, and high frequency trading w/ Rishi Narang
The Wild West of Trading—BTCVIX takes us inside the realm of Bitcoin speculation
052: Ernie Chan
How quant strategies are created, scrutinized and introduced to the market w/ Ernie Chan
051: Bryce Edwards
Tracking ‘stocks in play’ and acting on order book activity—intraday momentum w/ Bryce Edwards
050: Aaron Fifield & Zach Hurwitz
Reverse Interview – Zach Hurwitz speaks with Aaron Fifield about his development as a trader, Pt. 2
049: Haim Bodek
Exposing the “cheats” on Wall Street, with HFT whistle-blower & market structure mastermind – Haim Bodek
048: Linda Raschke
Trading a framework of your own, and using models to study price behavior w/ Linda Raschke
047: Timothy Sykes
The hustle ‘n grind – beyond the big money, fast cars and exotic trips w/ Timothy Sykes
046: Hans Dederle
Trading the open, hunting greed in the market & obsessing about quality over quantity w/ Hans Dederle
045: Jack Litle
Global macro trading, the nature of probability, and the art of ‘big bets’ w/ Jack Litle
044: Michele Koenig
Lessons from a decade of swing trading, and how to overcome early failure w/ Michele Koenig
043: Jon Boorman
Buying stocks in uptrends, managing risk, and tips for long term survival w/ Jon Boorman
042: Bert Mouler
Harnessing the power of machine learning for money making algo strategies w/ Bert Mouler
041: Kam Dhadwar
Studying excellence, trading value, and believing in your approach w/ Kam Dhadwar
040: Bryan Wiener
Bryan Wiener reflects on his years as a pit trader, and takes us to school on the subject of options
039: Tom Dante
Tom Dante speaks to the competitiveness of trading and essential skill sets for profitability
038: Kevin Davey
The development process of an algo trading strategy – from objectives to live trading w/ Kevin Davey
037: Futures Trader 71
Understanding areas of acceptance, thinking in probabilities & creating a legacy w/ Futures Trader 71
036: Peter Brandt
Trading since 1975, Peter Brandt shares lessons from 40 years of extraordinary returns
035: Howard Lindzon
Howard Lindzon speaks on high growth stocks, “destroying” the market and angel investing
034: Michael Melissinos
Launching a fund at 26, and trading trends in 40 global futures markets w/ Michael Melissinos
033: Chris Sayce
Trading mentors, increasing discipline, and embracing the power of repetition w/ Chris Sayce
032: Dan Shapiro
How to handle a run of losses & grind through slumps, while keeping your emotions intact w/ Dan Shaprio
031: Luke Cummings
Low-Correlation Equities Trading – How to avoid being tied to the market w/ Luke Cummings
030: Tom Basso
The logic of trend following, and how to improve your trader psychology with Market Wizard, Tom Basso
029: Brian Shannon
The science of technical analysis, verses the art of trading w/ Brian Shannon of AlphaTrends
028: Andrew Falde
How to avoid ‘predicting’, the purpose of options markets & the 7 components of profitable systems w/ Andrew Falde
027: Jack Schwager
Jack Schwager shares the key lessons learnt from many of the worlds greatest traders
026: Brad Jelinek
How to overcome ‘boom & bust’ cycles and achieve longevity—futures trader, Brad Jelinek
025: Aaron Fifield
Reverse Interview – Zach Hurwitz speaks with Aaron Fifield about his development as a trader
024: Ivaylo Ivanov
How Ivan rides industry momentum & uses high probability swing setups to capitalize on short-term gainers
023: David Bush
The transition from discretionary to quantitative trading & how to optimise your strategy w/ David Bush of Alphatative
022: Mike Bellafiore
How to be a better trader tomorrow—sharp insights with SMB co-founder, Mike Bellafiore
021: Adam Grimes
Adam Grimes explains how to identify a trading edge & gives a realistic breakdown of ‘the path to becoming a trader’
020: Kunal Desai
Kunal Desai drops knowledge on ‘go-to setups’, trading explosive momentum & how to combat the fear of missing out
019: Stuart McPhee
How to form the basis of a solid trading plan, and follow it with absolute discipline w/ Stuart McPhee
018: John Welsh
Giving weight to fundamentals & news releases, plus the advantage of focusing on a single sector w/ John Welsh
017: Jason Leavitt
Swing trading for a large chunk of the major trend, plus the one common trait of million dollar traders w/ Jason Leavitt
016: Tim Biggam
Tales from the pit, generating trade ideas, and a lesson in position sizing with options veteran, Tim Biggam
015: Joel Kruger
How to use leverage in Forex markets for your best chance of survival w/ Joel Kruger
014: Ilan Azbel
Below the surface of algorithmic trading, and why you must understand the game from a macro perspective w/ Ilan Azbel
013: Lance Beggs
Adapting the mindset of trapped market participants, and profiting from fear w/ Lance Beggs
012: Adam Ryan
Adam Ryan speaks on the game-changing lessons that propelled his trading success, and how to crush your goals this year
011: Zach Hurwitz
Using VWAP to gauge where the big boys interact with markets, and how to exploit trading technology w/ Zach Hurwitz
010: Tim Grittani
Tim Grittani links 5 key factors to the majority of his success as a seven-figure trader, and discusses the transition from OTC to NASDAQ stocks
009: Peter Zhang
Into the mechanics of our financial markets with street smart hedge fund operator, Peter Zhang
008: Anand “Lucci” Sanghvi
Slinging PS3’s, accumulating millions, and hard-hitting psychology lessons w/ Anand Sanghvi of Sang Lucci
006: Tim Walker
How Tim Walker uses technical analysis and the methods of Gann to takeout the big moves
005: Steve Burns
What separates new traders from rich traders – through the divide w/ Steve Burns
004: Nick Radge
How to power through trading losses and continue executing with The Chartist, Nick Radge
003: Timothy Sykes
Inside the world of penny stocks and how to profit from market inefficiencies w/ Timothy Sykes
002: Kirk Du Plessis
Kirk Du Plessis of OptionAlpha tells us how to gain an edge when trading options
001: Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson of Follow The Money talks in-depth about his journey from newbie to veteran trader