EP 021: @AdamHGrimes explains how to identify a trading edge & gives a realistic breakdown of ‘the path to becoming a trader’

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Welcome to episode 21, with a very special guest; Adam Grimes.

Adam is author of the very popular book titled, The Art and Science of Technical Analysis, which covers market structure, price action and trading strategies. He is also the Chief Investment Officer of Waverly Advisors, and host of the Market Life podcast.

Adam’s career dates back almost 20 years, during that time he has traded a wide range of asset classes, both independently and along side a well-respected prop firm. Plus, he also did a stint on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).

Over the next hour or so Adam shares his interesting outlook on the market, and many aspects of trading. So as you could imagine this include plenty of discussion around technical analysis, but you’ll also pick up a number of great psychology tips to help you with the mental aspect.

Enjoy team!

“Everything I have ever seen that really works, is pretty simple & pretty obvious.”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • The challenges that come with being under-capitalised as a new trader taking on the market, and a few pointers to work around this problem.
  • In-depth discussion on learning and identifying ineffective trading methods that simply do not work.
  • The typical path of development many people follow to becoming a trader, the various degrees of success you may encounter on the way, and the reason why it is key to stay active.
  • We continually hear pro traders throwing around the term of having an edge, Adam breaks down what this really means, and how to determine whether you have an edge or not by understanding probabilities and randomness.
  • Adam shares his insightful views on the common criticism that surrounds technical analysis, about how it only deals with the past.
  • Which patterns are generally more reliable; those that can be identified by the majority, or those that are harder to find?
  • Using meditation to rewire yourself, by increasing / decreasing / modifying certain habits to improve your trading. Although, Adam also highlights the bad effects that occur if uneducated and why this is not a cure all.
  • False expectations. Why the demise of most traders can be linked to these two words, and why you need to understand what success looks like in the ultimate form, and along the way.
  • And much, much more…

Links and resources mentioned:

  • The Art and Science of Technical Analysis – The book authored by the man himself, Adam Grimes. A breakthrough trading book that provides powerful insights on profitable technical patterns and strategies, across 480 pages.
  • The Art and Science of Trading Course – While we forgot to mention this towards the end of the interview, it is a free comprehensive course Adam created with the goal to help you build a robust trading methodology. Plus, how to develop the discipline and psychological skills necessary for professional trading. Register now and get instant access to over 30 hours of training videos.
  • AdamHGrimes.com – Take some time to read through Adams blog and grab a copy of his free guide, Quantitative Analysis of Market Data.
  • Market Life podcast – Adam is a budding podcaster, and delivers a new episode every week. He spends the majority of each episode answering listener questions. So if there is something you would like to know more about, just shoot him an email.
  • Meditation Experience – Here is a direct link to the free 22 day audio course created by Adam, where he shares meditative techniques and practices.
  • Stocktwits interview – The recent 50 minute interview Adam did with Stocktwits, discussing the pros and cons of meditation, and how the practice can help traders achieve their goals.
  • Waverly Advisors – The tactical research and advisory firm where Adam is the Chief Investment Officer, publishing daily market research and notes. If you are interested in viewing this, contact them for a free trial.
  • @AdamHGrimes – Also be sure to follow Adam on Twitter.

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