Frequently Asked Questions

How does CWT check the credibility of the guests that come on the show?

The CWT podcast features guests and guest speakers of different trading backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets.  Many are traders, but we also feature thought leaders in their field of expertise (not necessarily in trading).


We request information/documentation to verify a trader’s track record depending on the type of interview, guest, and topic.


It is ultimately at our discretion.  For example, our recent guest, Lukas Frohlich, submitted an official audited report to us because the returns were so spectacular that we knew this would be prudent.  Guests who are well known in trading communities and have been publicly sharing their trading records and performance, we may or may not ask for additional verification.  It depends on the situation, guest, and topic.


Additionally, we have an in-take form and process that requests for performance records for our review and verification.