282 · Staying Selective and Being Adaptable in the Trading Landscape w/ Tony Greer

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Tony Greer, a Long Island native, ventured into Wall Street trading inspired by his father. With a background in business management from Cornell University, he honed his skills at Sumitomo Bank, UBS, and Goldman Sachs. He and his team meticulously diagrammed every aspect of the markets, from liquidity to potential swings, which allowed him to exploit edges in his trading playbooks. Running multiple commodity books, including gold and platinum, felt like piloting the Millennium Falcon—quoting prices to global banks and witnessing monumental market moves. He eventually ventured out on his own to day trade. From tech stock investments to day trading strategies, he emphasizes pattern recognition and trend analysis. Tony shares insights on risk management, recommended readings, and the importance of adaptability in the ever-changing market landscape.

About Tony Greer

Founder of TG Macro – Merging 25 years of trading expertise with 15 years of newsletter writing, providing fundamental, technical, and behavioral analyses. With experience at Sumitomo Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland, and Goldman Sachs, Tony is a seasoned professional. 

Trading Disclaimer

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Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 0:00 Introduction and Background
  • 11:11 What did he learn trading for a Japanese bank
  • 16:35 Getting swept up in the dot.com boom
  • 26:16 Going independent as a day trader
  • 32:35 What Tony learned in the bear market
  • 36:30 What triggers a buy or sell
  • 40:57 Memorable gains and losses
  • 45:38 Bull market mania cultivates bad habits?
  • 49:25 Reverse harnessing of emotion
  • 56:45 Ideas to focus on
  • 58:00 What he struggles with most
  • 64:50 How to reach Tony

Tony Greer

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