EP 073: What to emulate from pro traders, humility, psychology and biohacking w/ Charlie Bathgate

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For Charlie Bathgate, trading has been a part of his life since as far back as he can remember—his father was an options market maker, and not to mention his brothers and sister work major-roles in the industry too.

Today, Charlie is the Managing Partner of two operations; Sang Lucci and Flammarion. Sang Lucci being a provider of trader education, and Flammarion being a hedge fund (which mostly consists of automated traders).

We had an awesome chat, speaking about; his observations from working with and evaluating traders, why humility is key, and what it means to “own your strategy”. Also Charlie shares big insight from his obsession with psychology and biohacking, and how innovative technology being used by the NBA can benefit traders.

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Charlie putting in work at the Sang Lucci loft.

Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • The profile of traders who have produced the greatest results for Flammarion, and why Charlie has a preference for incubating those who utilize automation.
  • Charlie discusses the current state of market participants, the resources being put towards extracting edge, and why the odds of success are unfavourable.
  • Challenges unique to traders and the similarities of entrepreneurship, plus the common denominators of hundred-million and billion dollar traders.
  • Why Charlie obsesses over all things psychology, and how you can give yourself a better opportunity to be in control and execute on a high level.
  • The Bio-Hacking Arms Race: The future of optimised traders, and the role technology will play in monitoring a traders behaviour.

Links and resources mentioned:

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  • SangLucci.com – To learn more about Charlie and the Sang Lucci crew, you can visit their website here. I also encourage you to get their ebook, The Red Pill.
  • @CharlieBGate – And be sure to follow Charlie on Twitter!

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