EP 008: Slinging PS3’s, accumulating millions, and hard-hitting psychology lessons with Anand Sanghvi of @SangLucci

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Oh boy! I’ve been itching to release this interview, ever since we recorded earlier this year…

Let me introduce you to a man who came through the doors of a prop firm in 2006, with absolutely no trading knowledge. Zilch! He mashed keys for a few years until the firm later shut shop during the GFC, then he was out on his own. Gathering $50,000 he rapidly compounded this to $2,400,000 in the two years that followed.

His name is Anand ‘Lucci’ Sanghvi, and that was only the warm up. Here he is to share his story in much more detail, and open up about some of the hard lessons he’s learnt along the way. Pay extra close attention when he talks about trading psychology – this is straight up gold!

“I always come back to what’s true, and what’s true is price.”

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“Be patient in all forms. If you force any situation it has unintended consequences.”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • How Lucci was able to break the ongoing cycle of making big gains one month, and losing them the next.
  • The story of how Sang Lucci was created and the hedge fund came about, plus how they landed Haim Bodek (HFT whistleblower) on the team.
  • How Lucci finds an edge in the market through tape reading, and ignoring all the other indicators, except some key price levels.
  • The dangers of being fixated on making a certain dollar value. After all, the trade doesn’t care how much money you make or lose.
  • Lucci gives us a rundown on one of the biggest flaws of human trading!
  • How things change when you start to accumulate wealth, including the people around you and their actions.
  • Lucci shares his best psychology tips, that he wishes someone had shared with him when he was on the come up.
  • Why it’s so incredibly important to know what you really want out of life, and understanding that the want to just make money doesn’t cut it.
  • And much, much more…

Links and resources mentioned:

  • Recommended Reading – Dark Pools by Scott Paterson. This is the one book Lucci recommends to traders who want to get a better grasp on market structure, and gain an understanding on the impact of computerized trading, available on Amazon.
  • The Wall Street Code – This is the documentary that we discussed during the interview. It goes right into the world of high frequency trading (HFT) featuring Haim Bodek, and the Sang Lucci team make an appearance too.

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