EP 009: Into the mechanics of our financial markets with street smart hedge fund operator, Peter Zhang

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Sliding in on episode 009 is a special guest to pullback the curtains, and shine some light on the often dark and mysterious inner workings of our financial markets.

Folks, meet Peter Zhang.

A Major in Quantitative Finance who was once without a home, dirt poor and had the odds stacked against him. But with a point to prove and the hustlers ambition, he chased down a mentor who would carefully show him the ropes, and gradually transform him into a trader who could make smart decisions, and smart trades.

After spending his last dollar on a plane ticket to Las Vegas to attend a trading conference, he got in the ear of Anand ‘Lucci’ Sanghvi (EP 008), and convinced him that starting a hedge fund would be a wise idea.

Fast forward a few years, Peter now leads the hedge fund operations at Sang Lucci Capital Partners, including a completely automated high frequency trading fund. And has a mind-blowing understanding of market structure, as you are about to witness.

“Interacting in the markets, you’re surrounded by greed & sharks.”

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“Be patient, let the trades come to you. You need to be prepared and have a game plan.”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • How Pete gained real trading knowledge, and why he uses less than 10% of what he learnt during his college Major in Quantitative Finance.
  • How a trading mentor, and scanning 400+ charts a night saved Pete from a destructive path.
  • The reason why you can no longer throw a dart and make money, even in a raging bull market.
  • Why Pete crossed over from discretionary trading to a more systematic and automated approach, and the benefits that came with it.
  • A complete run down on spread, selling flow, market makers and other market structure explanations.
  • Why the majority of breakouts fail, causing retail traders to get crushed in the process.
  • The importance of understanding your counter-parties, and who you are competing against on various timeframes.
  • And much, much more…

Links and resources mentioned:

  • To learn more about Peter and his team, you can visit sanglucci.com.
  • And be sure to follow him on Twitter, @PZ_SL.

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