142: Using creative thought and automation to bypass human flaws w/ Bert Mouler

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It was exactly 100-episodes ago when I first had Bert Mouler on the podcast. This week, I’m joined by him again for a second interview…

Bert is an algorithmic trader with a serious focus on machine learning. His trading decisions are driven purely by data, and he goes to great lengths to remove human bias and flaws through the use of automation.

While listening, I encourage you to keep an open mind and mull over Bert’s creative thoughts. Then if you have any questions afterwards, you’re welcome to post in the comments area at the bottom of this page.

Topics of discussion:

  • On the topic of strategy development, Bert speaks about his increasing efforts to automate as many decisions as possible—right down to symbol selection…
  • Seeking out opportunities and areas where it’s “easier” to make money, because as Bert describes; each market can be thought of as a game with it’s own players.
  • Where you can potentially find other sources of edge—beyond alpha, getting creative with time series data manipulation and thoughts on spurious correlations.
  • Bert talks about how he structures his day and the value of “unstructured time” too, and the moment he realized that irrational decisions are extremely common!

Bert Mouler: Principal of Profluent Capital.

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