EP 095: Why it pays to be relentlessly process driven, and when stats count w/ Adrian, @AdeyF69

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For this episode, the trader who I had the opportunity to speak with, and who you’re about to hear from, is Adrian—or @AdeyF69 on Twitter.

Adrian was a pro sailor for almost two decades, but for the past six years, he’s been on dry land, taking an income from financial markets as an independent day trader.

Adrian primarily trades the Bund and the DAX, though he initially started out in foreign exchange. His trading strategy is influenced by support and resistance areas, volume profiling, order flow, and stats.

After talking about how Adrian’s survived storms at sea, torturous sleeping patterns, and run-ins with pirates, we spend a fair amount of time discussing; how Adrian uses stats and some things to watch out for, and why it pays to be process driven.

Lessons learned in this interview:

  • Adrian talks about life as a professional sailor; competing in countless races, surviving storms and 40ft waves, torturous sleep patterns, and pirate encounters.
  • Once getting interested in trading, Adrian shares how he initially focused on the wrong “shortcuts” before noticing common links between professional traders.
  • Adrian recalls his transition to full-time trading (at a point when he was still unprofitable), the common errors he made, and his one definitive turning point.
  • The first things Adrian does to get familiar with a new market, plus what aspects of his strategy are discretionary and what aspects are rules-based/systematic.
  • How Adrian uses stats, gathers stats, and manages data sample sizes. Plus, how traders misuse stats and why maximum adverse/favorable excursion matters.
  • Adrian explains exactly how he reviews his trades each week, by using a grading system, and how he structures a trading plan in preparation for the day ahead.

“The common link between profitable traders is not their edge, but how they approach the business of trading.”

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Links and resources mentioned:

  • Investor/RT by Linnsoft – As Adrian mentioned, he relies on charting and analysis software package, Investor/RT, for gathering stats on the markets he trades.
  • Maximum Adverse/Favorable Excursion – Here’s an article Adrian wrote about how he uses MAE and MFE in his trading, and a video for how he tracks this data.
  • TakingOneTradeAtATime.com – To learn more about Adrian, follow this link to his website. It’s well worth your time to see how he plans and reviews his trades…
  • @AdeyF69 – Follow Adrian on Twitter, and tweet him about this episode!

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