EP 055: Trading momo stocks, and scaling up for larger gains w/ Nathan Michaud of @InvestorsLive

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This week on the podcast I interview Nathan Michaud of Investors Underground.

Nate has been a day trader since 2003, and the stories from his first few years in the game are enough to make your head spin. After experiencing major highs and lows, both financially and psychologically (all covered during the interview), he’s gone from strength to strength playing small-cap momentum stocks.

Over the next 60 minutes you’ll learn about; Nate’s approach to fast moving stocks, the additional risks linked with short-selling, a smart way to scale up, the power of compounding, and heaps more.

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“Everything I do is essentially based off of emotions, reacting to where people might be panicking.”

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“Nail and bail, don’t stay and pray.”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • Nate shares the wild ups ‘n downs of his early years as a trader; the infamous ‘motorcycle story’, getting stung by the SEC, and how he bounced back after losing close to $1M.
  • The areas to focus your energy as a less-experienced trader, and why it’s okay to be ‘inspired’ as long as you’re not ‘influenced’ – mould into the trader YOU need to be.
  • Insight to how Nate trades small-cap momentum stocks, his two most reliable setups, and why he naturally gravitates towards short-selling.
  • The challenges that come with scaling up, and a smart way to approach this. Plus, letting go of sloppy habits to reach your maximum potential.
  • Plus much more…

Links and resources mentioned:

  • InvestorsUndergound.com – To learn more about educational material and on-going support from the Investors Underground community, visit the website for a discounted rate.
investors underground textbook trading
investors underground tandem trader
  • Momo Traders by Brady Dahl – A book recently published, featuring interviews with ten momentum traders who started from the ground up – Nate is one of the traders interviewed.
  • Traders4ACause.org – The charity founded by Nate which raised over $200,000+ in 2015, hosting live events for traders and going from strength to strength.
  • Interview with @LX21 – This is the must-watch interview with Greg (better known as @LX21 on Twitter), by Cam of Investors Underground.
  • @InvestorsLive – Be sure to follow Nate on Twitter, and tell him what you thought of the interview!

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