EP 078: The making of Market Wizards, and wisdom from elite traders w/ Jack Schwager

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As I’m sure you already well aware, Jack Schwager has been involved with financial markets for many years, he’s the author of the acclaimed Market Wizards series and others, and he’s also the co-founder of FundSeeder.

During our talk, we go behind the scenes of the Market Wizards and Jack shares his experiences from conducting interviews with trading royalty and some of his most memorable moments.

Of course, I ask Jack to flesh out some of the great knowledge he’s learned from this—discussing; self-confidence, sacrifices, what separates a profitable trader from a super trader, and the issue with seeking comfort.

You’ll also hear an update on FundSeeder, as well as something you might be very interested to know, what trading books does Jack recommend to others?

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Lessons learned in this interview:

  • Jack takes us behind the scenes of the Market Wizards series; most memorable moments, the preparation, difficult interviews, and the traders still on his wishlist.
  • The one question that often lead to the greatest trading stories, and why Jack was always interested to hear about failures and challenges overcoming adversity.
  • Did the Market Wizards always know they would become hugely successful traders? Jack shares his observations about their varying levels of self-confidence.
  • Jack shares extreme examples of sacrifice and obsessiveness amongst the Market Wizards, and what separates profitable traders from ultra-wealthy super traders.
  • About the major changes FundSeeder has seen recently, and how Jack and his team plan to help undiscovered traders develop a track record and get funding.

“The markets are very difficult and unless you have an edge, there is no reason why you should win.”

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“Human nature is so poorly in tune with trading, that most people will do worse than random.”

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Links and resources mentioned:

the new market wizards jack schwager
  • FundSeeder.com – Establish a verified track record at no cost, and use a suite of analytical tools to measure your performance and improve your trading.
  • JackSchwager.com – The hub for learning more about Jack, as well as links books he’s authored, presentations he’s delivered, media appearances and more.
  • @JackSchwager – Be sure to follow Jack on Twitter!

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