124: When chasing a quick buck becomes making a quick buck w/ Max, @Madaznfootballr

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Max (@Madaznfootballr) got into trading about six years ago, after a co-worker pulled up in a brand new Lotus Elise—paid for with gains from trading BP stock. Working as an engineer at the time, with average pay, it wasn’t long before Max opened his first trading account and got to work…

Having now developed a unique style of his own, which he describes as a scalping method—focusing on NASDAQ listed stocks, Max has become very consistent and profitable. (If you’re interested, max regularly posts PnL on his Twitter account.)

To mention a few of the things we discussed; how traders can benefit from being independent thinkers, the nature of scalping strategies, optimizing your workflow, mindset and improving your psychological game, and plenty more.

Topics of discussion:

  • Max speaks about his various attempts of making a quick buck prior to trading, stacking shelves with an engineering degree, what inspired his trading pursuit.
  • The realization that trading requires independent thinking, the affect large trading losses can have on ones confidence, and why Max almost quit altogether.
  • How Max moved into full-time trading (with a sizeable safety blanket), why he gravitated towards a short-term scalping method—and it’s characteristics.
  • The things Max does to optimize his trade execution times and decision making ability, as well as optimizing his mind. Plus, the added advantage of tape reading.

“Whatever person you are outside of trading will carry over into your trading performance.”

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