264 · Contest Winner: One Trader’s Unwavering Dedication w/ Gabriel Bullo

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Growing up poor in the Philippines, Gabriel sought a way to supplement his income. Dealing with the emotional challenges of giving up his profits in his long-term positions, he switched to trading to have a sense of greater control of the outcome. Starting out using many technical indicators, he later switched to just price action as it gave less false signals. After blowing up several accounts, he honed his skills to become the winner of the 21-Day Trading Challenge Contest inside the Chat with Traders Community and become a funded trader.

Special thanks to Trade The Pool for partnering with us on this 21-Day Trading Challenge Contest and for providing the infrastructure, platform, leaderboard, and support!


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Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:54 Why he became a trader
  • 4:54 Catalysts to go long or short
  • 5:33 Early trading experiences
  • 7:35 How he recovered from blowing up accounts
  • 11:50 What indicators he uses in trading
  • 16:25 Winner of trading contest
  • 20:05 Big drawdown early in the contest
  • 24:25 Trading the same stocks each week
  • 29:20 How winning the contest impacted Gabriel
  • 33:32 Getting funded
  • 35:50 Advice for beginners
  • 38:22 Goals
  • 42:18 How to reach Gabriel

Gabriel Bullo