EP 059: Being alert to market conditions, and trading within a prop firm w/ Dan Goldberg of @FutexLive

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Note: This interview was recorded 3rd February 2016

This weeks guest is Daniel Goldberg, an active trader and partner at Futex – a proprietary trading firm located in London, UK.

Dan has been involved with financial markets since 1995 (straight out of college), and got his start as a book-runner on the exchange floor. He later became a pit trader, and was also there for the transition to electronic markets.

These days, Dan plays a major role in training new traders to the firm, and predominantly focusing on two markets; Bunds and Euro Stoxx.

Some of the topics we covered during our discussion; how Dan seeks out trading opportunities and uses tools such as the price ladder and market profile. And how macro events effect have a significant impact on his trade decisions.

I also ask Dan a bunch of questions centered around prop trading, and he has some really interesting points to share on the topic of risk. So there’s plenty to learn from Dan, enjoy!

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Follow Daniel on Twitter: @DMG_FutexLive.

Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • How Dan landed his first job as a book-runner, and later traded in the pit, basing decisions off of ‘gut instinct’ (which came with many challenges).
  • The “free money” that was available in the transition to electronic trading, and what lead to an improvement in Dan’s trading performance.
  • An overview of how Dan analyzes the market for trade opportunities, and the value of understanding correlation between various markets – the big picture!
  • How Dan uses tools such as the price ladder and market profile for greater context about the price action and to confirm trade idea.
  • We discuss the advantages of prop trading and ‘risk tolerance’ – can it be taught, or is it something built into your personality?
  • How traders new to the firm are trained during a 12 week initiation process, and the anticipated length of time before consistency is achieved.
  • A guide to the success/failure rate of prop traders versus the retail sector, and words of advice for traders who feel stuck in the mud.

Links and resources mentioned:

  • FutexLive.com – Follow this link to learn more about Daniel, Futex, and the resources they have available for aspiring traders.
  • Futex.co.uk – Similar to the link above, except this site is more centered around Futex as proprietary trading group.
  • @DMG_FutexLive – Go ahead, follow Dan on Twitter (especially if you trade similar markets).

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