EP 105: How a former punter pioneered a premier sports betting hedge fund – Brendan Poots

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Brendan Poots is the founder of sports betting hedge fund, The Priomha Group, who mainly bet on football, cricket, golf and also horse racing and tennis.

Priomha setup shop in Melbourne (Australia) in 2010, and more recently, have expanded with a second location in Gibraltar (Europe). From inception up to the release of this episode, Priomha’s Cloney fund has returned a little over 220%.

From listening to our discussion, you’ll gain great insight to how Brendan runs his operation—from getting investors to buy in, to controlling risk and minimizing the volatility of returns, and how the fund makes money trading sports games.

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Brendan Poots at Priohma’s Melbourne location.

Topics of discussion:

  • Brendan shares how he was exposed to the joys of “punting” at a young age, and how an investment banking and cricket career lead to him doing it professionally.
  • How Priohma found legs, the compliance limitations of operating a sports betting hedge fund, and how a Gibraltar office is leading the way for expansion.
  • What makes sports betting an appealing asset class to investors—as well as the inherent risks, and the key benefits of being uncorrelated to financial markets.
  • Measures taken by Brendan to manage risk and minimize the volatility of returns, and how he monitors performance (in addition to counting the bottom line).
  • The typical process of validating betting strategies, how much is discretion used in decision making, and whether a deep understanding of the sport is necessary.

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