145: Six ways to emulate talented traders w/ Aaron Fifield

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Here’s the first episode in the history of Chat With Traders podcast, where I don’t have a guest with me. That’s because, this episode is the recording of a talk I gave at Noosapalooza 2017—a trading conference hosted by Nick Radge, here in Australia.

Throughout the talk I pull upon many lessons and snippets of wisdom which have been learned through conversations here on this podcast. So, I’ve appropriately titled the talk; Six Ways to Emulate Talented Traders…

Presenting at Noosapalooza, 2017.

1. Have an unstoppable demeanor.

“The number one thing is grit. You need to be like a bulldog that gets his teeth around a bone and will not let go.” – Darren Reed

2. Play the long game.

“It’s been quite a ride for me, it’s been one I’ve enjoyed. I like trading, I like watching markets. I love being a student of markets, I guess, more than I actually like to trade. I’m a real student of markets.” – Peter Brandt

3. Know your strategy, intimately.

“Do less, do it better, do it bigger.” – Jeff Davis

4. Trade with an edge.

“If you’re missing an edge, there’s no reason to play.” – Blair Hull

5. Manage your lifeblood.

“It’s not all about getting one trade right. It’s about staying in the game by having the right risk management.” – Saul Knapp

6. Stick to the game plan.

“There’s been many times in my earlier years, when I didn’t follow my systems. I would be much wealthier now if I had.” – Jerry Parker

“In many cases (not all), traders don’t use highly complex methodologies. Instead, they consistently apply a well thought out process.”

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