116: Taking losses, ultimately winning, and keeping pace with markets – Sean Hendelman

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Sean Hendelman is the co-founder and CEO of T3 Companies.

T3 is one of the larger proprietary trading firms in the U.S. And incase you’re curious, the three T’s of T3 stand for; trading, training and technology.

A few of the things Sean and I spoke about, include; how he got his start, how he lost all his money twice—and why it was a worthwhile experience (in hindsight), and some of the great lessons he’s learned from the business of trading.

Even as CEO today, Sean is still very hands on with T3’s automated trading, so we also had an interesting conversation around this—some of his comments and views may actually surprise you. And hand traders, need not feel neglected, because there’s something in this for you too!

Topics of discussion:

  • The story of how Sean cut his teeth as an investor—using what money he earned from a summer job, and what happened when he went into active trading…
  • Sean speaks about the two times he lost all of his money, why it was a worthwhile experience in hindsight, and the best business lessons he’s learned along the way.
  • The structure of T3 Companies; various ways traders are backed and profits are shared, markets they do and do not trade, and how the firm makes money.
  • Challenges of trading latency-sensitive strategies, the great costs of necessary infrastructure, and Sean’s general thoughts on how the space has evolved.
  • Why Sean’s somewhat negative on the idea of traders developing automated strategies, and the times when he sees hand traders having an advantage.

Sean Hendelman: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of T3 Companies.

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