114: The process of becoming a bigger (and better) trader w/ Brannigan Barrett

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Brannigan Barrett is a futures day trader—who trades a total of eight markets, across; bonds, equity indices, currencies and commodities. He was previously a trader at prop firm, Futex, but is now part of Axia Futures.

The subjects we cover during this conversation, include; how to progressively become a bigger (and better) trader, how a “dogfight” attitude has helped Brannigan’s trading career, how he prepares going into major news announcements, his daily process for journaling and being ready for “one good trade.” Plus, how to think about and achieve your trading goals.

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Brannigan Barrett—futures trader; bonds, equity indices, currencies and commodities.

Topics of discussion:

  • Brannigan speaks about his process for progressively becoming a bigger trader, and situations when feeling uncomfortable is healthy for your development.
  • How a “dogfight” attitude got Brannigan into a prop firm, what he learned about managing risk from his peers, and what served as a great source of motivation.
  • Why Brannigan spends plenty of time on fundamentals which impact the markets he trades, and how he prepares going into major news announcements.
  • Brannigan shares how he reflects at the end of each day, debriefs, and prepares for the following day—making sure he’s ready for tomorrows “one good trade.”
  • How to think about good trading goals, the reason why most people fail to achieve their goals, but how you can achieve yours—with a process orientated approach.

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