EP 010: Tim Grittani links 5 key factors to the majority of his success as a seven-figure trader, and discusses the transition from OTC to NASDAQ stocks

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Tune in to the journey of an incredibly talented intraday trader, who has transformed a $3,000 account into almost $3,000,000 – within the space of just a few years.

It was early 2012 when he first ventured into the jungle of penny stocks. After catching on to how these markets operated and understood the manipulation, he certainly mastered a few setups that paid him generously over and over again. Eventually he hit a few limitations, and now he’s predominantly a short-seller of NASDAQ stocks, which makes for an interesting segment during this interview.

He is undoubtedly one guy you should pay close attention to, and his name is Tim Grittani, aka @KroyRunner89.

Looking back, Tim has now pinpointed the 5 key factors that have contributed to the majority of his success to date, and breakdowns each of them over the next 40+ minutes.

Plus, you’ll also hear about the events that lead up to his gigantic single trade loss of $290,000 during October last year. This will give you a great appreciation of just how bad things can get when you go against your trading rules. Because as you’ll hear when the ongoing problem surfaced, it got ugly – real quick!

“My big turning point as a trader was when I cut down the number of setups I was trying to trade.”

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“Don’t believe the hype, trade charts and price action only.”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • The one small change that helped Tim keep a handle on his emotions while trading throughout the day.
  • How documenting trades and setups helped Tim to focus in on what he was good at, and plan more effectively.
  • The initial attraction to OTC markets, and his motive for moving over to NASDAQ listed stocks. Plus the adjustments he made to adapt and succeed in another market.
  • The one major lesson Tim learnt after walking away from a $290,000 loss in October 2014.
  • How Tim works his stops into the action and the chart, and not a preconceived number. Plus his general thoughts on risk management.
  • The few things Tim would have done differently, if he had to start all over again.
  • And much, much more…

Links and resources mentioned:

  • During the interview we discuss the $290,000 loss Tim took on $LAKE, you can read the full write up here.
  • Tim also has a bunch of other great content that he posts regularly on his blog, Trade The Ticker.
  • Stockstotrade.com is the site Tim uses on a daily basis to scan for stocks, and prepare a watchlist for the following day.
  • You can also catch him on Twitter, @KroyRunner89.

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