134: Bitcoin—the magic internet money you can no longer ignore w/ @BTCVIX

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On this episode, I have a returning guest—who first appeared on episode 53. His name is a mystery, but he goes by the handle: @BTCVIX

Episode 53 was the first time I covered Bitcoin on this podcast, and that was at the very end of 2015. As you’re probably aware, the cryptocurrency markets have evolved a lot since then, so BTCVIX is here to fill us in on what’s been happening and, potentially, what lies ahead…

Topics of discussion:

  • How to explain Bitcoin to people outside of finance, to what extent transactions can be tracked, the type of investors dealing with “missed the boat” syndrome.
  • Tips for how to setup a Bitcoin wallet, various methods for storing and protecting the coins you own, insight to fee structures and how they apply to transactions.
  • Is Bitcoin a bubble versus is Bitcoin in a bubble? What it means to describe something as a bubble, and how some have tried to quantify the value of Bitcoin.
  • The frenzy which surrounds ICO (Initial Coin Offering) markets, why a company may choose to offer an ICO, the similarities compared to IPO’s and crowdfunding.

Photograph by Thomas Trutschel, Photothek via Getty Images.

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