263 · Making it in South Korea & Exploiting Market Inefficiencies in Crypto w/ Andres Granger

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Seeking financial opportunities overseas just before the Great Financial Crises, Andres Granger was motivated to learn how to trade after falling victim to a Ponzi-like trading scheme. He worked hard and diligently studied order flow and scalping while trading Futures in different markets. Later, he was introduced to crypto through a prop firm, where he honed his skills to exploit large market inefficiencies through market neutral trading. Emboldened by these incredible opportunities, Andres then went on to create a crypto strategy fund. 

He’s the Co-founder and Head of Trade and Strategy Development at Active Digital Funds, one of the very few Crypto funds that runs all of their strategies fully automated, and one of the few audited crypto funds to make a positive return for clients in 2022. Recently, they won the award for Best Market Neutral Fund under $25m from HedgeWeek European Digital Asset Awards.


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Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:40 When Andres first got exposed to the financial markets
  • 7:00 First blowup investing in a Ponzi scheme
  • 9:00 Types of markets he first traded
  • 12:20 Early trading experience 
  • 15:15 Why he got into crypto
  • 20:10 Lucrative opportunities in market making
  • 23:20 What are Perpetuals and their opportunities
  • 27:25 What is the Kimchee premium
  • 33:00 Crypto regulations in Korea
  • 34:45 Future of crypto in the US 
  • 36:10 Impact of the Terra Luna collapse on Andres fund
  • 39:15 How Andres exploits market inefficiencies
  • 41:35 Types of coin pairs he trades
  • 44:30 How Andres funds faired over the years
  • 49:20 Psychology wildly overused in trading
  • 55:40 Scalping highly overused term
  • 57:45 What Andres struggles with most in trading
  • 59:10 Money printing is a positive catalyst for crypto?
  • 60:35 Goals
  • 61:40 How to get in touch with Andres
  • 62:02 Update regarding SEC lawsuits
  • 64:07 What are cascading liquidations and how to avoid them
  • 65:32 Any safe places for crypto investors?
  • 66:35 Effects on Korean exchanges from SEC actions
  • 67:50 How have these events impacted liquidity and strategies?

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