EP 020: Kunal Desai drops knowledge on ‘go-to setups’, trading explosive momentum & how to combat the fear of missing out

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So this week I was thrilled to speak with a well respected, high-energy, and incredibly insightful trader. And who many of you probably already know as the head honcho at Bulls on Wall Street, his name is Kunal Desai.

I’ve been trying to bring him on as a guest for quite sometime now, but it’s finally happened, so I’m glad to be sharing this with you!

If you’re unfamiliar with Kunal, I’m gonna give you the super condensed intro, because we discuss his journey in great detail for the first part of our interview.

So Kunal is essentially an intraday momentum trader. He’s been trading since his teens, and just like many of us, he really struggled for many years going into his twenties. Eventually persuading one of the few profitable traders he knew at the time to show him the ropes. This profitable trader was Paul Singh, who taught him how to actually work the market like a trader. From there, overall it’s been onwards and upwards.

During our discussion we cover quite a range of topics, lost of interesting stuff, and a ton of great pointers. Read below for the breakdown, or better yet – hit play!

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“You could be doing this for 50 years. So what is a year or two, to really nail this down.”

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“You are not trading chart patterns, you are trading your hopes and dreams.”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • The mechanics of an earnings breakout, and why they present explosive opportunities. Plus, the reason why technical patterns are much cleaner around these setups.
  • Why it is a necessity to have a go-to setup tucked up your sleeve, and how understanding your personality type will help you to discover yours. Plus, Kunal gives an overview for one of his go-to setups.
  • Why understanding a wide range of trading facets is not necessary to make money trading, in fact it can be a disadvantage – targeted knowledge of one or two strategies is far more profitable.
  • An insight to how Kunal protects his capital, and the risk management rules he applies to his own trading.
  • How to combat the fear of missing out (FOMO), the dangers of chasing trades, and tips for making rational decisions.
  • How the wrong motivations and a lack of passion can prevent you from succeeding as a trader. Without it, you’ll struggle to withstand the trials and tribulations.
  • Why resilience is one of the top characteristic traits of successful traders. Resilience will pull you out of the slumps every trader experiences.
  • And much, much more…

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