EP 062: Pairing technicals & fundamentals, and the life of a hardcore crude oil trader w/ Tracy aka @ChiGrl

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For this episode, I spoke with a trader who has spent many years in the financial hub of Chicago; Tracy – otherwise known as @ChiGrl on Twitter.

Tracy is a technical intraday trader, but also tracks fundamentals very closely. She solely focuses on the energy sector and has an obsession with crude oil.

During our interview, Tracy shares her story about how she up and left LA to chase her desire of becoming a trader. And how she wound up at a “hack-shop” brokerage, which is best described as a scene from the trading movie, Boiler Room.

We also discuss the bear market of oil, the impact falling prices have on a macro level, the skill sets that are have helped Tracy to survive and thrive as a trader, plus much more.

And last thing, Tracy has kindly offered to answer any questions that you may have – whether they’re about oil specifically, or just trading in general. Just scroll to the bottom of this page and write your questions in the comments area.

“I’m never going to call a top or bottom, because the market will make me look stupid in the end.”

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“You want to get in the habit of making the same trades over and over again.”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • How Tracy went from being a sales rep for medical supplies in LA, to working in a “hack-shop” brokerage in Chicago, before securing a a reputable job in the industry.
  • Why Tracy supports the decision of newer traders to go with a prop firm, especially those who lack sufficient capital and need greater discipline.
  • Trading a market that is open for 23 hours a day; the times when (and why) Tracy is most active, and when there is typically less “noise” in the market.
  • In Tracy’s opinion, why the fundamentals matter and politics are important to grasp, when trading a commodity market such as oil. Plus, her pick of invaluable resources.
  • The simple underlying reason why we have seen declining oil prices in recent years, and the impact this has on a macro level with debt problems effecting many sectors.
  • The skill-sets that have made Tracy successful as a trader, a word of caution for those over-trading, and the benefits of multiple accounts when trading multiple strategies.

Links and resources mentioned:

  • IEA, EIA, IHS – The three websites where Tracy sources much of her fundamental information about the oil sector.
  • @chigrl – And be sure to follow Tracy on Twitter!

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