154: When a quant trader enters the world of sports betting… w/ Andreas Koukorinis

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Andreas Koukorinis lives in London and in 2013 he co-founded Stratagem Technologies—a tech startup using AI and machine learning to trade sports as a financial product. These sports predominately include; football, tennis and basketball.

But for Andreas, his roots are in trading instruments and markets that most of us are more accustomed to. He’s worked for the likes of Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, and before Stratagem came to be, he was trading at DeepValue.

From listening to this episode, you’ll soon notice that Andreas is passionate about applying rigorous trading principles to nascent markets, as well as the broader applications of AI as a technology.

Topics of discussion:

  • Andreas talks about his exit from financial markets and entry to sports betting—and the primary drivers behind this decision, and how Stratagem came to exist.
  • The type of information which is helpful for making predictions, the various sorts of bets Stratagem are making, and which games are (typically) more lucrative.
  • As sports betting is a market mostly for entertainment purposes, what does this mean for sophisticated participants? Plus, who you’re trying to outsmart…
  • How come sports games can be predictable, what level of accuracy is required to be successful, and can modern technology realistically generate superior returns.

Andreas Koukorinis: Founder of Stratagem Technologies, formerly Trading and Trading Research at DeepValue Inc.

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