245 · The Mind of a Tape Reading Contrarian Trader w/ Jason Shapiro

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Jason Shapiro has been a trader for 30 years and was interviewed in the Unknown Market Wizards book by Jack Schwager.  From early on Jason was a rebel who avoided group think and sought out contrarian trading opportunities in overhyped, or deeply oversold stocks and commodities. 

Blessed by early trading successes, Jason retired to a beach in Thailand in the late 90’s and traded his account full time only to experience tragedy less than a year later.  The painful lessons he learned drove him to give up his opinions about markets and instead listen to what the market is saying by becoming a great market tape reader.

You’ll hear how Jason finds great trading opportunities through a combination of weekly trader reports, media commentary and news events to put on his contrarian trades.


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Topics & Timestamps

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:00 Jason’s background and early lessons learned
  • 10:23 Players involved (Dumb and Smart money)
  • 12:40 Media as a good contrarian indicator?
  • 16:15 Professional money managers as a good contrarian indicator?
  • 18:42 Publications which help in finding contrarian opportunities: 
  • 19:38 Looking at the COT report
  • 27:38 Stock analysts as a good contrarian indicator?
  • 28:38 Put/Call ratios, Short interest levels, Surveys
  • 29:45 Looking at P/E ratios, P/S ratios 
  • 31:50 Timing of when to make a trade
  • 34:31 Importance of news releases
  • 37:19 Importance of uncorrelated plays
  • 38:26 How often Jason gets stopped out
  • 39:22 Stock alternatives to increase gain
  • 41:13 How Jason exits positions
  • 44:12 Counter participation approach
  • 45:14 Systemizing a CTA fund & return degradation
  • 48:25 Giving back to the community
  • 49:55 Advice to traders: 
  • 51:40 How to contact Jason

Jason Shapiro

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