110: Learning to trade, momentum setups, and becoming a venture capitalist – George, @RollyTrader

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On this episode, I’m joined by George—who goes by @RollyTrader on Twitter.

George is an Australian equities trader, with a momentum/swing trading type of approach. In the past, George has held a few finance-related positions, but since late-2009 he’s mostly traded independently.

During the interview, George and I got speaking about; lessons he learned early on, the effect that coaching and mentoring has had on his trading, specifics about the setups George trades, and also, his involvement with venture capital.

Topics of discussion:

  • George shares the story of how his father funded a stock picking competition between him and his brother, and the point when things began to get serious…
  • Trading wisdom George gained from two coaching programs, how these lead to valuable relationships, and why many trading mistakes could be avoided.
  • Specifics about the few setups George trades; scanning criteria, fundamentals, confirmation signals, management, exits, etc. And why he prefers the long side.
  • How George got into venture capital, the types of businesses under his umbrella, the process leading up to an IPO, and the incentives to become a public company.

“As a new trader, getting early mentorship or direction from someone is just so important.”

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