EP 063: Strong determination, preserving mental capital, and professionally trading futures w/ Nicola Duke

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Here we are, episode 63 and I have another brilliant (and very experienced) guest lined up for you this week.

Her name is Nicola Duke, or @NicTrades on Twitter. She’s a professional swing trader from the UK, actively tracking 36 futures and forex markets โ€“ who takes a technical and systematic approach to trading.

Some of the highlights from our conversation…

Hearing about how Nicola’s typical trading day used to start 1:30am, learning that her mentor never showed her a single setup, the concept of preserving ‘mental capital’, and insight to how she trades with a systematic approach.

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“Compete with yourself, cooperate with others.”

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“If your setup hasn’t worked, get out!”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • Nicola walks us through her first year trading; how she went from “Queen of Sim” to losing $10k in one month, got the attention of a mentor, and ended the year flat.
  • Hustle and determination โ€“ Nicola shares how her typical trading day used to start at 1:30am, and this is while she was also running her own air charter company.
  • An intro to the concept of preserving ‘mental capital’. Plus a reminder not go crazy celebrating winners, and on the other hand, not to beat yourself up over losers.
  • How Nicola analyses 36 markets weekly and selects which ones may provide the greatest trading opportunities, using technicals and areas of confluence.
  • Why Nicola adapted a systematic approach to entering, managing and exiting trades. And a guide to the types of rules that form the basis of her system.
  • The qualities that make a good trader and why most traders never succeed โ€“ insight to the mental obstacles about losing and making money.

Links and resources mentioned:

  • Victor Sperandeo โ€“ Here’s a link to four of Victor’s books available on Amazon, he’s the trader (and Market Wizard) Nicola mentioned during the interview.
  • Peter Brandt โ€“ Listen to an interview with Peter Brandt, who Nicola referenced as “no one better” when it comes to classical charting patterns.
  • CQG โ€“ This is one platform Nicola uses which she particularity likes for charting.
  • X_Trader โ€“ Nicola also relies on the X_Trader platform by Trading Technologies.
  • @NicTrades โ€“ Here is Nicola’s Twitter handle, go and follow her!

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