EP 014: Below the surface of algorithmic trading, and why you must understand the game from a macro perspective with Ilan Azbel

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With an involvement in trading since his early twenties, and a background in mathematics and computer programming, it was a natural progression that this weeks guest would adapt a completely algorithmic trading approach.

My friends, I would like you to meet Ilan Azbel.

Ilan joins us to discuss algorithmic trading, and share some insights on a side of trading that is unfamiliar territory to many, especially in the retail space.

While we spoke for close to an hour, in the scheme of things, we only just managed to scratch the surface. But all in all, I think you’ll find this really interesting and enough to get you curious (and maybe even excited) about the possibilities of algorithmic trading.

“Traders don’t spend enough time understanding the dynamics of the market.”

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“In an ideal world, I think every retail trader should have a programmer buddy.”

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Lessons learnt in this interview:

  • The pros and cons of an algorithmic trading approach, and how this differs from discretionary trading.
  • How Ilan avoids the issue of only making money in certain market conditions, when trading with an algorithmic system.
  • An answer to how effectively an algorithmic trading system can be backtested using historical data.
  • Ilan shares his views on how the trading industry has changed over the past 10 years, as a direct result of technology.
  • How retail traders can achieve better trading results with basic programming and backtesting, without going to the extreme of automated buying and selling.
  • Ilan has strong views on education, and shares a few pointers on how you can take the right path to best equip yourself with a solid knowledge base for your trading career.
  • And much, much more…

Links and resources mentioned:

  • Freelancer / UpWork – The two sites Ilan suggested you could use to find a programmer to develop and test your system.
  • While Ilan did not mention the name of his companies during the interview, he is well known as the founder of Autochartist, and director of Seer Trading Systems and IZRO Capital.

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