Q2: Seeking Alpha? Try Alpha Factors w/ Jessica Stauth & Delaney Mackenzie

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Factors are at the core of a modern quant equity workflow. This episode introduces the notion of alpha and risk factors at a high level, and delves into some of the use cases which include: understanding how the market is moving, understanding how a portfolio is exposed to sources of risk, and turning ideas for price forecasting into encapsulated alpha factors.

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Topics of discussion:

  • Different ways that quants think about universe selection for portfolios.
  • The purpose of alpha factors and risk factors in a professional quant workflow.
  • How to seek your own alpha factors, once developing some sort of hypothesis.
  • Example of a trading strategy; investing in companies with female CEOs.

“Develop a hypothesis and then set about trying to disprove it, until you find something that seems to hold up.”

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