152: A beginner’s foray into (part-time) systematic trading w/ Kory Hoang

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Kory Hoang is not a veteran trader—he’s not someone who has been doing this 10-20 years. He’s someone who has been doing this for only a few years, yet he’s begun to make decent gains on his trading capital.

Kory is also not a full-time trader …well, at the time of recording this—a few weeks ago—he wasn’t! Kory was a private equity analyst for Pitchbook, who traded on the side. But he’s since informed me that he’s handed in his notice and taken the leap to focus on trading (plus a couple startup projects).

In terms of how he trades; Kory is a retail systematic trader. He’s running numerous algorithmic strategies, which he’s developed (all of which are fairly simple). These run on various ETFs, ETNs and even some cryptocurrencies.

Topics of discussion:

  • Interning at Merrill Lynch, getting hooked on trading—expectations when starting out, what turned Kory from “gambler” to an aspiring algorithmic trader.
  • Resources which Kory leaned on when learning to code, and what gave him the confidence to put real money behind his first strategy (after many experiments).
  • Kory explains his; framework for testing which assets are best suited for mean reversion or momentum strategies, thoughts on indicators and few parameters.
  • How to work a full-time job and run an algorithmic trading business on the side (while contributing to charitable causes!) Plus a guide to Kory’s targeted returns.

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