181: Crisis Averted: Saving Nasdaq from a path of ruin w/ Robert Greifeld

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This episode features high-profile American businessman, Robert Greifeld, who from 2003-2017 served as the CEO at Nasdaq—one of the world’s largest and widely known financial exchanges.

Bob came into this role at a time when Nasdaq was on the verge of an internal crisis, he was tasked with turning it around and making transformational change. Throughout our conversation, he tells of the critical moments and drastic actions, insight to Nasdaq’s many acquisitions and its business model, plus lessons in leadership and career advice.

Having since stepped down from Nasdaq CEO, Bob’s recently written a book that details his entire experience at the helm. The book is titled Market Mover, and you can get a copy here.

Today, Bob is the managing partner of Cornerstone Investment Capital—a fin-tech investment firm, and the Chairman of Virtu Financial—a prominent trading and technology firm.

robert greifeld nasdaq

Robert Greifeld: Former CEO of Nasdaq, chairman of Virtu Financial. (Image source: Financial Times)

“Diversify from strength, never from weakness.”

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