EP 104: An appetite for risk, and hitting hard when opportunity arises – Alex, @AT09_Trader

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Alex (@AT09_Trader) is a 22-year old, discretionary day trader, who’s seen great results in the few years he’s been grinding away at this. He trades small caps, and he trades aggressively—as you’ll soon hear, Alex is far from conservative.

This conversation was recorded on the 16th of November (2016), right around the time when the madness in the shipping sector was unfolding. So we got talking about the ticker DRYS and how Alex racked up a $40k loss a day or two before our interview (although, he had his first +$100k day shortly after too).

Also we spoke about how Alex got started, the types of trade scenarios that he looks for, areas that he’s working on to improve, and also his venture into real estate—where he flipped a foreclosure property for a tidy profit, plus much more.

Note: Nothing you hear on this podcast is financial advice. You’re entirely responsible for your own trading decisions.

Topics of discussion:

  • Momentum in the shipping sector during November (2016); the DryShips short squeeze which “ripped faces off” and opportunity in trading “sympathy plays.”
  • How Alex got started and funded his first trading account, and how an obsessive personality has helped him to trade profitably in a short period of time.
  • Alex describes his ideal scenario for a trade opportunity, how he uses discretion to manage positions and risk, and why he’s working on increasing his hold time.
  • A venture into real estate; Alex talks about his experience flipping a foreclosed property—what he learned and what he would do differently second time around.

Price chart of DRYS (DryShips Inc.) – source: TechnicianApp.com.

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