259 · Executing Agenda Trading Strategy for Stratospheric Returns w/ Lukas Frohlich (The Short Bear)

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Lacking education, mentors or money, Lukas Frohlich, known to many as The Short Bear, became fascinated with financial markets when only 13 years old. Saving everything he could from jobs, he started trading before he could even legally drive a car. He created Youtube and Twitter accounts to share strategies, victories and defeats to help fellow traders improve their game.

Obsessed with learning from mistakes, understanding gains and improving his process lead to outrageous gains in 2020 with his Agenda Trading strategy. Changing market conditions propelled Lukas into innovating new strategies quite different from what he started with. His focus, dedication and discipline for self improvement allowed him to branch out in new business areas helping others that go beyond just the trading world.


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Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 0:00 Background
  • 3:20 Early trading and mistakes
  • 7:41 Staying in the game despite mistakes
  • 8:24 January 2020 spectacular returns through a rush of liquidity
  • 12:45 How he pyramided gains
  • 13:55 March 2020 returns of over 600%
  • 15:40 Process for trading setups
  • 19:55 Quantitative process for small caps
  • 22:00 Why he focused on small caps in 2020
  • 25:40 How he avoided any monthly drawdowns in 2020
  • 27:39 Agenda trading is the primary reason for his spectacular returns
  • 28:58 Ended 2020 with returns of over 892,000%
  • 32:00 When he gets out of a position
  • 33:50 Reasons for drawdowns in 2021
  • 36:00 Risk management evolving over time
  • 38:18 Strategies evolve with changing markets
  • 40:35 Technical vs Fundamental approach and importance of each
  • 43:15 Money needed to pump small stocks for successful secondary offering
  • 48:25 The disciplined pursuit of less
  • 50:10 Habits and routine
  • 54:15 Current market conditions
  • 57:40 Naked short selling used by pumpers?
  • 59:20 Impact of Silicon Valley bank on the economy and markets
  • 62:45 Risks facing today’s traders
  • 65:00 Mental models
  • 66:30 What Lukas struggles with
  • 70:00 His goals
  • 74:00 Biggest misunderstandings about trading
  • 79:00 Best ways to get in touch with Lukas

Lukas Frohlich

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