141: Software millionaire fooled by ‘the dream’ and saved by global macro w/ Erik Townsend

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Featuring on this episode is former software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager, Erik Townsend. I’m sure some will already be quite familiar with Erik—in particular the macro investing crowd, as Erik also hosts the Macro Voices podcast.

After selling his company in 1998, Erik made a few lifestyle and investing decisions which he soon began to question, but took ownership of his situation and the discovery of global macro set him sailing in a new direction…

Topics of discussion:

  • The tactic which helped Erik to build a successful software company, and why living on an 87-foot yacht in the Caribbean isn’t all it’s hyped up to be…
  • Speaking from experience, Erik shares a word of caution about the dark side of private wealth management and how this fueled a passion for macro investing.
  • Erik explains how he utilizes the concept of The Fourth Turning, how history can be studied to anticipate social changes, and the importance of ’80-year’ cycles.
  • One possible scenario for the future of cryptocurrencies, how the USD may lose it’s reserve currency status, and the real implications of a cashless society.

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