115: What hand traders can learn from system traders, and vice versa w/ Adam Grimes

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Adam Grimes has been a trader for more than 20-years, he’s traded all major asset classes, across various timeframes. He’s traded independently, with a prop firm, and he’s run other trading businesses also.

The main focus of this episode is to explore some of the things which discretionary traders can adapt from quantitative traders, and vice versa—meaning, what things can quants take from those who rely on discretion.

Then in the later part of this episode, Adam lays out a solid framework which can help struggling traders to move forward. As well as, the types of questions you should ask when you don’t know what you don’t know.

Topics of discussion:

  • Adam shares his reasons for sitting in between quantitative and discretionary trading, and how an edge can be thought about as a tilt of future probabilities.
  • How to tie your trading to underlying truths and understand market movements, by asking questions and using data. And what traders can learn from Einstein.
  • Things to consider before for trading multiple asset classes, and realizing you’ll likely experience an “adjustment period” when starting out in new markets.
  • An extensive framework for traders who’re genuinely struggling to make progress, and the types of questions new traders should be asking—to grow as a trader.

Adam Grimes: Trader, author, French-chef, musician.

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