EP 025: Reverse Interview – @ZachHurwitz speaks with Aaron Fifield about his development as a trader

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This week I thought I’d change things up a little bit and reverse the interview. Instead of firing questions at guests like I normally do, I’m on the receiving end and giving answers.

If you’ve listened to EP 001, then you may recall I gave a brief overview right at the beginning, explaining where I was at with my own trading. Things have gradually progressed since then, so I thought this would be a good milestone to update anyone who is curious.

To keep things interesting I brought on Zach Hurwitz, who I’m sure you’ll remember from EP 011 of the podcast, and he’ll be the one asking questions. Zach’s a friend of mine and he’s continually guiding me along to becoming a better trader through regular coaching, so I couldn’t think of anyone better for the job.

Plus, Zach also expands on many of my responses with additional insight, so all in all, I hope you’ll find this episode to be valuable in its own unique way.


Since recording this episode, Zach has released a free eBook that goes further into VWAP and how he incorporates it into his trading: Download here

“When you set unattainable goals, can you blame yourself for failing? Not really. You can blame yourself for setting shitty goals.”

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“It’s about minimizing the money lost, relative to the amount of experience gained.”

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“Dissociate yourself from the image, the identity, the persona of being a trader.”

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Links and resources mentioned:

  • eBook – The One Thing I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me Before I Started Trading. This is the free guide that was mentioned during the interview, featuring the most valuable lessons from Zach and 16 other proven traders.
  • EP 006 – Tim Walker – How Tim Walker uses technical analysis and the methods of Gann to takeout the big moves.
  • EP 021 – Adam Grimes – Adam Grimes explains how to identify a trading edge & gives a realistic breakdown of ‘the path to becoming a trader’.
  • EP 023 – David Bush – The transition from discretionary to quantitative trading & how to optimise your strategy w/ David Bush of Alphatative.
  • @ZachHurwitz – To get in touch with Zach you can reach him on Twitter, or by email: [email protected].

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