265 · Taking a Top-Down Approach to Day Trading w/ Peter Stolcers

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Seeing and feeling the intensity and chaos of the trading pits back in the 1980’s, Pete knew immediately that trading was the career he had to have. Starting as a floor runner making $5/hr to later trading full time for a living Pete discovered the importance of finding stocks with relative strength during the bear market of 2002. Pete uses a top down 3 step methodical process which helps him zero in on stocks to go long or short. From longs to shorts, conservative credit spreads, high leverage options to occasional Lotto trades, Pete fine tunes his versatile strategies to match current market conditions.

Pete is a trading veteran with over 30+ years of experience in the Chicago Board of Trade 30-year bond pit. He has also served as Sr VP for a large brokerage firm, he has been one of the top traders for a prop trading company, and he went on to devote his time to build OptionStalker and founded OneOption.


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Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 7:15 Early technical analysis & institutional orders
  • 12:25 Early trading for a living
  • 15:30 Early lessons learned
  • 21:00 Current stocks showing weakness during this bull market
  • 22:00 How money printing impacts market analysis
  • 29:40 How does his market analysis impact strategies chosen
  • 33:00 Strategies chosen in 2022
  • 35:10 Trading in 2023
  • 38:50 When does he not trade
  • 41:15 “You should not buy breakouts near the high of the day”
  • 45:16 When to buy breakouts
  • 47:20 How and when to use options
  • 53:00 Conservative option strategies
  • 56:00 Risk management and position sizing
  • 60:45 Using trendlines
  • 62:35 Struggles and his next chapter
  • 67:12 How to reach Pete

Peter Stolcers

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