261 · Lamborghini Money Quest Teaches Valuable Lessons w/ Humbled Trader

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First seduced by advertisements of easy money, Shay a.k.a. Humbled Trader learned that she had to find her own way of trading. Taking the skills she learned as a special effects artist in Hollywood, she created the popular Youtube channel for traders to share her trading wisdoms in a humorous creative way. Join us in the story of how Shay was able to quit her full time job to trade full time.


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Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 0:00 Background
  • 6:15-Early investing and trading
  • 9:22-Early blowups
  • 12:55-Psychology of trading
  • 16:25-Biggest blowup
  • 21:00-Why she came back to the markets
  • 22:15-Her Youtube channel
  • 26:50-Lamborghini money
  • 31:40-Part time trader with a full time job
  • 35:00-Transitioning to trading full time
  • 38:00-Typical types of trades
  • 44:30-Rules set for herself
  • 45:44-Turning point in becoming consistently profitable
  • 47:30-Adding to winners?
  • 48:50-Advice to struggling traders
  • 49:48-Change anything due to banks blowing up?
  • 51:00-What she struggles with most
  • 53:38-How to reach Humbled Trader

Shay, a.k.a. Humbled Trader

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