EP 108: Being a versatile and adaptable trader, while testing your comfort zone w/ John Netto

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John Netto, a former U.S. marine, describes himself as a high velocity, cross-asset class trader. He connects the ability to be versatile, adaptable, and interpret large amounts of information to be his greatest edge—for making lucrative returns.

These are all things we cover during the interview, which includes discussion about; process, research, strategy, macro, and market regimes. We also talk about the benefits of stepping outside of your comfort zone, why there’s a need to embrace growing pains, and when emotion can be an ally.

Topics of discussion:

  • John describes how his passion for speculating was sparked at a young age, how he ran a sports betting operation during high school, and later became a marine.
  • The main causes for why John quickly lost his first trading account; impulsiveness and a lack of process. Plus, what helped him to come into his own.
  • John shares a high-level overview of what he researches, the various types of strategies which he trades, and the three areas of successful trading.
  • How John’s been able to automate some processes, with the aid of a programmer, and how to work with a programmer without giving away the ‘secret sauce’.
  • Why it’s beneficial to step outside of your comfort zone, particularly for lucrative returns. And why John feels it’s important to embrace losses and growing pains.

“If you have a small amount of capital, make your lack of capital your biggest strength.”

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