EP 101: Latching onto trends, strategic business moves, and breaking the norm w/ Siam Kidd

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My guest for episode 1-0-1 is Siam Kidd, from Norwich in the UK. He’s a former-air force pilot, turned retail trader. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, and on a quest to dramatically improve the schooling system.

We got to chat about his shaky beginnings as a trader, his rock bottom moment, and how he trades currency pairs—using a technical-driven approach, with the goal of catching major trends when they happen.

During the later half, I ask Siam about why he got into business, how he’s found the ability to “think big” and how he’s gotten to a point where he now owns fifteen businesses. Then we also talk about flaws in the schooling system, Siam’s grand scheme, and what the future has in store for us.

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Topics of discussion:

  • Siam shares his failed attempt at becoming a roulette rockstar, greatest trading mistakes as a newbie, and his rock bottom moment—the “cheese and mayo story.”
  • How Siam trades currency markets; taking many small bites (small losses, small wins), in anticipation of catching occasional major trends (major wins).
  • Why trend following typically has a low win rate and how Siam manages risk accordingly. Plus, how he sizes positions and scales into winning trades.
  • Can you get rich from trading alone? Siam explains why he got into business, and how he went from owning one business to now owning fifteen businesses.
  • Siam gives his thoughts on why the schooling system is fundamentally broken, why the “40-40-40 plan” is a joke, and how he plans to change the game.

Siam’s makeshift podcast setup; recording from the driver’s seat of a Tesla.

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