201: The Legwork, Execution and Management of Institutional Investments w/ Hayden Beamish

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For the past 5-years, Hayden Beamish has been a portfolio manager and director at Endeavor Asset Management—a hedge fund based in Melbourne, with ~$300m AUM.

The Hedge portfolio that Hayden manages ended the 2020 financial year up 28% after fees—in comparison, the benchmark Australian All Ordinaries ended down 7%.

The main purpose of speaking with Hayden was to gain insight to his institutional investment process. This includes talk of; researching companies and prerequisites for investing, the role of analysts and brokers in providing information and flow, and managing investments.

It also includes a detailed discussion about the various types of execution algorithms he’ll use for buying and selling large volumes of stock.

Timestamps & Topics:

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  • 07.00 – Financial market experience prior to becoming a portfolio manager.
  • 18.40 – Key objectives of the portfolios managed by Hayden.
  • 21.50 – Investment process, identifying opportunities and performing research.
  • 32.15 – Why return on invested capital is a valuable metric for analysis.
  • 34.10 – Getting to understand a company when unfamiliar with the industry.
  • 38.45 – Quick fundamental metrics and values for determining valuations.
  • 41.30 – The conversations with company management during research.
  • 44.45 – Reacting to earnings announcements from held companies.
  • 50.30 – Algorithmic execution and commission sharing arrangements.
  • 1.10.20 – An overview of how risk is assessed and monitored on a portfolio level.
  • 1.23.20 – Suggestions for aspiring fund managers.

Hayden Beamish: Director and Portfolio Manager, Endeavor Asset Management.

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