246 · Thought Provoking Opportunities in DeFi with Crypto Tech Wizard/ Uri Klarman

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Seeing the great potential and opportunities available in decentralized finance and the crypto currency universe, Uri Klarman left academia with a PHD in computer networks and later specialized in Blockchain research. He started a company that would help crypto traders avoid the front running flash traders which had plagued Wall Street for years.

Uri shares his contagious excitement and passion combined with his in-depth knowledge about the history, technology and benefits of decentralized finance and crypto currencies which many feel that traditional markets cannot match.


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Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 00:00  Uri’s background and explanation of decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • 12:50   Explains the defi technology he helped develop and its benefits for traders
  • 14:18   Why get involved with Defi? Don’t criminals dominate this space? The next evolution of finance?
  • 22:47   How DeFi generates income opportunities without needing to speculate on shady coins
  • 33:34   Decentralized site, Uniswap, how its liquidity pools provide opportunities
  • 38:10   Crypto’s 2nd largest coin, Ethereum and its transition from a “Proof of Work” system to an energy efficient “Proof of Stake” system
  • 45:00   Regulations
  • 49:40   Ethereum’s competitors and their opportunities
  • 56:45   Closing and how to get in touch with Uri

Uri Klarman

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