127: Becoming a CTA—how to begin managing money w/ Nell Sloane

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Though not a trader herself, Nell Sloane has been in and around markets and exchanges for roughly 30-years, mostly working in roles that assisted commodity traders and brokers in one way or another.

Then since 2006, Nell has been the Principal of Capital Trading Group—a Chicago investment firm, which she co-founded with Patrick Lafferty. And this is the reason why I asked Nell to come on the podcast; because the role of CTG is to support traders who wish to expand their operation by managing money for others as a CTA.

CTG do also offer services to professional and individual investors to help them navigate managed futures. But for this episode, we focus on…

Topics of discussion:

  • What does it mean to run a CTA business, the commonalities and differences of CTA’s and hedge funds, common fee structures—and is the future less lucrative?
  • The incentives for an independent trader to become a CTA, where to begin and how to get started, plus infrastructure and general track record requirements.
  • Typical mistakes made by new CTA’s and common (early stage) challenges. For example; in most cases, marketing is equally as important as performance!
  • An overview of the regulation checks and auditing procedures, various ways CTA’s market themselves to attract capital from investors and develop relationships.

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