EP 094: Shady tales from a real-life Boiler Room, and things profitable traders do w/ Kenny Glick

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Episode was recorded 27th September, 2016 (not 2015, like I mentioned!)

My guest on this episode is a former-stand up comedian, turned questionable stockbroker, turned day trader—folks, I’d like you to meet, Kenny Glick.

During the 90’s, Kenny went from the stages of comedy clubs into a hyper-aggressive brokerage firm, which he describes as being identical to scenes from the movie, Boiler Room—and he has some wild stories to share, which you’ll hear very soon.

Once Kenny realized his morals were getting in the way of his ability peddle junk stocks, he went on to pursue a career in trading stocks and options. And that’s, also, what we go into detail about during this episode.

Additionally, you’ll pick up some simple chunks of wisdom which you can apply to your own way of trading—if you choose to.

Lessons learned in this interview:

  • Pre-trading; Kenny speaks about life as a comedian, interning at Saturday Night Live, hanging with Adam Sandler, and how he was poached by a stock broker.
  • Kenny shares tales from shady brokerages he worked at, the script he used to close prospects over the phone, and the lowest point of his career as a stock broker.
  • The concepts Kenny was taught by a successful penny stock trader, how he performed during the Dot Com era and his experience from the ’08 market crash.
  • Kenny explains a term which he’s coined as an ‘exhaustion situation formation’— a chart pattern that often precedes large price moves in beat range-bound stocks.
  • When it’s acceptable for a day trade to become a swing trade, one thing that will make unprofitable traders better off, and the illusion that gets many in trouble.

“If you ever find yourself saying ‘lets see what happens,’ get the hell out of the trade!”

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Links and resources mentioned:

  • Boiler Room (film) – A film about an aggressive, fly-by-night brokerage firm. Kenny describes the film as being “dead on” compared to his own experiences.
  • HitTheBid.com – To learn more about Kenny, you can visit his website and you can also find his videos on YouTube here: YouTube.com/user/HittheBidRadio.
  • @HitTheBidRadio – Follow Kenny on Twitter, and tweet him about this episode!

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