214: The Principles that Drive Elite Performance w/ James King

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It was 2017 when I first spoke with James King [Ep 133], around the same time he’d left a London-based commodity trading firm, where he worked as Performance Director.

Since then, he’s continued advising to proprietary traders and fund managers, specialist military units and professional sports teams, as well as organisations. While also presenting case studies on elite performance at several ivy league universities.

More recently, James has put the final touches on his first book Accelerating Excellence, in which he reveals four foundational principles that’ve been proven to drive elite performance (and serve as the focal point for our chat today…)

Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 02:06 – Excellence: Ambition, hard work and talent isn’t the complete equation…
  • 16:17 – Principal 1: Self-concordance, performing from your sweet spot.
  • 29:45 – Principal 2: Skill acquisition, technical preparation.
  • 44:10 – Principal 3: Delivering on demand, emotional control under pressure.
  • 51:08 – Principal 4: Sustaining success, continuous improvement.

James King: Performance advisor to individuals and teams in highly-competitive fields.

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