EP 107: A 40-year trading career fueled by necessity—the mother of invention w/ Anthony Saliba

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For the great, Anthony Saliba, his initial 13-years in the field were spent as a market maker on the CBOE floor, where he made approximately $9,000,000 before 30 years old (and that was during the 80’s). At which point, he was one of the traders featured in Jack Schwager’s first Market Wizards’ book.

Since then, Anthony’s continued to scale up—making major moves, both, through trading and through various business ventures.

We spoke for close to two hours; about his experience on the floor, a trader education company which he founded, some of the non-cliché traits of great traders, longevity, and how he’s grown wealth as a parallel entrepreneur, amongst other topics.

Anthony has also authored a new book for options traders; Managing Expectations.

Topics of discussion:

  • Anthony shares his progression from finance graduate to stock broker to market maker on the CBOE floor—reflecting on the highs and trying times along the way.
  • A little-known story about how Anthony landed on the cover of Success magazine, and what he observed from his floor trading peers who made more/less money.
  • How Anthony unintentionally developed a trader education company, the key subjects which were taught, and why necessity was the mother of invention.
  • Four non-cliché traits of exceptional traders, what it really means to be a disciplined as a market participant, and the value of an efficient workflow.
  • The power moves of Anthony Saliba; how he’s scaled trading profits into a great fortune. Plus, how traders should think about money, wealth and success.

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